Flexible Seating in Kindergarten

Do you use flexible seating in your classroom? Have you thought about flexible seating for your classroom but just aren't sure where to start?  I've been using flexible seating for several years now, but went all the way two years ago, when our whole school moved to school-wide flexible seating.
flexible seating classroom furniture

Why Flexible Seating

Flexible seating gives kids the choice to work in other places around the classroom that may be a better fit for them.  Not all students work well sitting at a desk or table and chair.  Some students prefer to stand, some work better away from the rest of the group, working on a clipboard.

Flexible Seating Furniture

There are so many options for furniture that can work for flexible seating.  What it doesn't have to do however is break the bank.  In my classroom I use a variety of items that I have found on Amazon, Ikea and Target.  These items combined with the furniture our school purchased has made it easy for me and my students to have a flexible work environment.

Lowered table to sit at using wobble stools, pillows or cushions.
lowered table for flexible seating in kindergarten
lowered table and wobble stool for flexible seating in kindergarten

Lap desks found at Michaels
lap desk for flexible seating in kindergarten
School purchased furniture- lowered coffee table an barrel stool
flexible seating in kindergarten
Surf Desk from Amazon
Surf desk from Amazon for Flexible Seating in kindergarten
The Nugget- Great for class Meetings, reading groups and kids who need a break
Flexible seating in the kindergarten classroom with the Nugget

Many of my kids also prefer to just work on the floor and some prefer to go old school table and chair.  There are times when I require all kids to be at the table working, like handwriting instruction.  However, for the rest of the time, as long as they are working and being productive, I let them work wherever they can get the job done.  

Storing Supplies for Flexible Seating

My students keep all of their books and supplies in a cubbie unit. They keep their crayons, pencils, scissors, and such in these.
Flexible seating supply organizer

Tools for Flexible Seating

In my Amazon store, I have a variety of items I have found and used over the years in my room.  
(please note that these are affiliate links)

I also have a Teacher Resource you might find helpful in teaching your students the rules for using the different items in your classroom as well as how to choose which items they will be using.
flexible seating management cards and teaching posters
Do you have a great item you use for flexible seating- if so let me know.  Are you ready to try it out, I'd like to hear how it goes, leave me a comment.

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