Assessments Are Easy with ESGI

It's that time of year when teachers are reviewing and assessing.  Sometimes I feel like all I ever to is assess.  I am so thankful my district pays for ESGI.  If they didn't, I would pay for it myself.
kindergarten assessments with ESGI Free Trial

I can quickly scan and see which section still has students who need to be tested and how many questions correctly were answered correctly.
Assessments using ESGI
ESGI teacher assessment tool
ESGI saves me so much time I can assess my students quickly and actually get back to my real job, teaching.

ESGI's automated tracking and reporting system gives me the data I need not only for report card grades but for driving my instruction. I can look at the data and see that the rectangle, triangle and the rhombus are the shapes my students are struggling with the most.
ESGI kindergarten assessments made easy

It uses real-time student data to:
• Individualize lessons
• Create small groups
• Guide whole class instruction
• Collect raw scores and track detailed student progress over time
• Access easy-to-read charts, graphs and reports
• Convert your raw scores into your report card grading scale
• Creates parent letters in English/Spanish
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Save time with assessments  use ESGI

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