Reviewing Classroom and School Routines and Procedures

How often do you review school rules, expectations, and classroom routines? If is important to continuously review all of these, especially when coming back from a break.
classroom routines review
From years past I know that students will be excited to see each other and will want to talk.  I also know that they will need a refresher on all things pertaining to school and classroom procedures. 

How I Start Our First Day Back to School

This is what I do on the first day back to school after an extended break.  As my students come in, I will have my usual PPT playing on our TV.  This is routine for my students and it gets them back into school mode.  This also gives me time to greet each student at the door and gives them a few minutes on the carpet while they wait for the bell to ring.  My PPT is usually of sight words, numbers, and shapes. 

Once the bell rings, I will then start our day with the usual school business of attendance and lunch count.  After that, I will have the kids sit in a circle.  I will ask them to close their eyes and think about one thing they would like to share about, it can be something they did, something they saw, a place they went, or a gift they received.  I will model it first, so they get the idea. 

When it is time for writing later in the day, they will be able to reflect on what we talked about in the morning and use what they shared as their frame of reference.

Classroom and School Rules and Procedures 

Classroom and School Rules and procedures are something I seem to always be reviewing, but after a long break, it is even more important to review these.  Thankfully I have the posters from my resource,  First Days of Kindergarten ready to use at all times.  These visuals are a quick way to remind students of how we do things at school.
posters for school rules and procedures
This is also helpful if you have a class like I do- the revolving door.  I have had so many new students this year, I sometimes lose track of how many students I actually have.  When we return in January, I am sure I will get another new student.

I like to incorporate games into my reteaching of routines.  For lining up, I like to see if they can do it silently or how quick and silently they can do it.  We line up in a specific order and still have a few friends who can't seem to find their place.  When walking- I try to pick the "secret walker" This student earns a school award to put in the drawing prize box.  It is simple and motivating.  The same can be done for the cleanest table- best-organized supply tub- just the simplest reminders of how things are to be done, 

Have fun with teaching the routines, and make the first day back enjoyable for yourself and your students.  Start off the new year fresh.  
school and classroom routines and procedures review after the holidays

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