A Solution for the Pencil Problems

Do your students consistently argue about pencils in your classroom. Do they magically disappear from one table and reappear on another? I have finally found the solution to the pencil problem for my classroom.  
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Use colored tape to solve the pencil problems in the classroom
Before you say I don't have time to be sticking tape on pencils- Ask yourself how many times a day do you stop teaching to take care of an argument over pencils.  Also, I will tell you that I have a parent do this for me.  When I don't, I also can sit and watch TV and do this.   It is actually kind of relaxing- don't laugh.  Four boxes took about 30 minutes.

You can find inexpensive tape on Amazon
I know some people write names or student numbers, but that wears off, I've done that and it is time consuming too. Kids are still grabbing pencils from each other to check to see if they have the wrong pencil. This is much easier to see.  You can spot the wrong pencil at a table immediately.

You can also get wild and crazy, use fun duct tape or washi tape instead of basic colors. Give this a try.  You will be amazed at how this simple trick will solve the pencil problems.

Now when they need that pencil sharpened just have them drop it into the Dull pencil bucket and grab an already Sharp pencil that matches their specific color.  Here are some labels for you to help get you started.  I have these set to print out on  Avery 8164 shipping labels, but you could just print on regular paper. and tape them onto your container  Enjoy!
pencil cup dull and sharp labels FREE


FirstgradeMathmagicians said...

I did this (colored tape on the pencils) for my am class originally because they literally destroyed pencils and the pm class had to use them. I gave the pm class their own pencils and had an assigned pencil person pick up all pencils at the end of their class for sharpening. I did find that all the pencils no longer ended up at mostly one table while it also cut down on pulling off the erasers and breaking the pencils. I also used small labels to put each students' name on their expo makers as a way to make them accountable for keeping the tops on when not in use.

kumar said...
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Unknown said...

This tape is also great on (non-rug) floors to set the boundries for centers, circle time, and the place to line up. The floor can be washed many times, before it loses its fresh look.