Gingerbread Man Books and Activities for Kindergarten

December is always a busy month in my room, I think I have enough gingerbread books to read one a day.  I like to read and compare several different versions of the stories.  Often my students begin to make the comparisons all on their own.
Gingerbread Man books, Activities and more: classroom idea to start your Gingerbread unit.

Here are just a few of the stories we will be reading.  You can purchase through Amazon.
This year I think the Ninja gingerbread man might be a class favorite- but that could be because I will be bringing in the cookies to go with it.

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So many Gingerbread books so little time.
So what else do we do besides read Gingerbread stories.
We build bridges for our Gingerbread man to cross.
Gingerbread Manbridge  STEM project for kindergaerten
I divide the students into groups of 3 and then provide them with a variety of building materials.  I get creative an use a lot of odds and ends that I have an abundance of in the classroom;  egg cartons, popsicle sticks, skewers, clothespins, pipe cleaners, and tape.   Their goal is to build a bridge over the container.  

Other festivities involve our Elf delivering a large baked Gingerbread Man cookie. I use a prepackaged cookie mix and then press it into this pan.  Easy-peasy...
Gingerbread Man Cookie Made with Wilton Cookie Pan
Of course He magically jumps off the pan while we are at recess and leaves a note behind.
We then chase him around the school finding more notes, that eventually lead us back to our classroom.  The notes can be found in this packet that comes with pre-designed notes and then blank ones that your can write yourself.
Notes from the gingerbread man
If you need more Gingerbread activities, here are some more from my TpT store that we will be doing this month as well.
Pocket chart and Emergent Reader
Emergent reader for the Gingerbread Man
Math Centers
Gingerbread man math activities for kindergarten
Literacy Centers
gingerbread themed literacy centers for kindergarten
Well, time to get working on Saturday errands- enjoy the weekend

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