Back to School Tips and Freebies Day 4

Happy Thursday, today I’m teaming up with the I Teach K-2 Blog Hop. It is also Day 4 of my week of Tips and Freebies.  I have shared this tip several times before but it is one of my favorite tips and time savers. It is worth sharing again, especially if you are a brand new teacher.
 On the first day of school have your name-tags ready and placed outside your classroom door.  Don’t wait and try to put them on inside the classroom.  Let the parents do the work for you.  I place a pocket chart outside my door holding all of my name-tag lanyards.  There is a note that explains exactly what to do.    This way when the students enter my classroom I am able to greet each student by their first name.  “Good morning Mary, Welcome, it’s so nice to meet you”. Being able to “know” their names also helps to calm some of their fears.
***Have extra blank name-tags for last minute student enrollments

Now for my Freebie.  I've made up these name-tags that will fit into the plastic lanyard badges.  You can buy these at Walmart in the office supply section.  Just click the picture below.
 Back to School Nametags Free Download & Editable

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Primary Teachspiration said...

I love the idea of having the students put the name cards on before entering the classroom. Thanks for sharing!