Back to School Tips and Freebie Day 5

Happy Friday! My summer is quickly winding down only a few days separate me from my first day back. 
Back to School Tips and Freebies, Student information card. This is the final freebie in a week of free downloads to start your school year off.

Todays Tip and Freebie is quick. This is a student information card. It is similar to the emergency cards.  However, we hand these out at Kindergarten orientation.  This gives some quick and very important information about a child that so often parents just forge too tell us.  For example, the name on their Birth certificate may be Michael Ryan Smith; however, the child has never been called Michael and doesn’t even know that Michael is his real first name.  This is something that the teacher needs to know from day 1. You could be sitting there playing guess who this child is.  Believe me I’ve been there it isn’t fun. 

It is also important to know how the child is getting home the very first day of school and then from then on.  Often on the first day the parents make special arrangements to pick-up their child, then after that day-care pick-up might kick-in. Or, the child might not have any idea of who is picking them up and the parent didn’t bother to tell the child, because this isn’t their first rodeo and they just forgot. To download just click the card.  
Student Information Card- Hand out at kindergarten orientation day.  This is great to have on the first day of school..  I keep on a ring next to my phone
I hope you have enjoyed my week of freebies.Be sure to go back and download all my other freebie from this week.  Also, I know there was an error in the Emergency Clothing Kit- I fixed the error and uploaded the new version, it is now available in my TpT store. I head back to school on Monday, so if I seem to be MIA you'll know why.

For those of you still on summer break- ENJOY!!!

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