Back to School Tips and Freebies Day 3

Today I’m back with another back to school Tip and Freebie.  This tip and form will save you time and if you don’t already do this, you’ll wonder why didn’t I think of this- just saying… I’ve been doing this for a few years now and it comes in handy unfortunately and it saves so much time. 
Back to School Freebies Day 3: Emergency Clothing Kit
This unfortunately always happens in my room because we don’t have a bathroom in the classroom.  You know what I’m talking about.  The potty accident.  So, rather than sending kids to the office and having them call home and wait for a change of clothes, we have them keep a spare pair at school.  They are kept in a Ziploc bag in a laundry basket in my hallway, clearly labeled.  So when the accident happens, I call the office to let them know I’m sending the child up to change, and I’ll need a custodial clean up.

The Ziploc bag with the wet clothes is then placed in the child’s backpack and parents know to return another clean change of clothes.

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Be sure to check back tomorrow for Freebie Number 4.

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