The Ultimate Teacher Printer

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Don't you hate it when your printer runs out of ink in the middle of that very important print job?  Have no fear I have the answer for you, repeat these three amazing words- HP Insta Ink...
HP Insta Ink is the ultimate Teacher Tool- you will never run out of ink again, it saves you time, money and gives you endless ink at affordable prices.

The Must-Have Printer

HP instant ink printer is the ultimate teacher tool. It is the must-have back-to-school resource every teacher needs to invest in. I know what you are thinking.  Hey wait a minute I'm on summer vacation, how can I possibly be thinking about back-to-school already. Come on admit it, you've already hit the Target Dollar Spot and you've thought about a few things you needed to print, but the ink is probably holding you back.  HP Insta ink is the answer.  No more worrying about how much ink you are using or messing up on a print job.  Yes, you can worry, but we are talking pennies wasted versus dollars now. 

How Does HP Instant Ink Work?

Here is how it works...
First your need an eligible printer.  To see if your printer qualifies, you can check the list.  
The Best Teacher Printer, save time, money and have endless ink
If you don't already have one, don't let that stop you.  Buy one, the HP Envy will save you money, I promise!!!.  Keep reading and do the math.  

Choosing the Right Ink Plan

Next, you need to sign up and choose a plan.  When you sign up you are paying a monthly fee for the number of pages printed, not the number of ink cartridges used. It doesn't matter if all of your pages are in color or black and white--YAY!!!. They have several plans to choose from.
Tip: I print my black and whites on my black and white printer at school and print all my color pages on this one.
HP Insta Ink is the ultimate Teacher Tool- you will never run out of ink again, it saves you time, money and gives you endless ink at affordable prices.
If I go over my allotted number of pages then I can purchase 25 additional pages for $1.00.  If I do not use all of my pages I can also roll over up to 300 pages a month.  Another great feature about this plan is I can change it anytime I want.  During the summer I am actually on the $2.99 plan because I have not been printing anything.  So I don't need that large plan.  During the school year, a bigger plan is needed because my teammate and I both use this printer for all of our printing needs-sharing the costs. In August I'll change back, that is when my teammate and I will start printing all of our center materials.

How Do I Get the Ink?

So how do I get my ink- it is simple- once you sign up, the printer is connected to HP through your wireless.  Before you run out of ink it lets HP know that your ink supply is running low. You will then receive a box of ink in the mail with a return envelope to mail back the empty cartridges.  When your cartridge is empty, simply replace it with the new one.  Once you've replaced all of them, return the empty ones to HP in the mailing envelope and keep on printing.  

Saving Time and Money With HP ink

Think of the time you have saved.  You didn't have to go to Office Depot, Costco, or Target for ink- that is time and money saved right there.  I don't know about you, but I can't just go to the store and buy ink, other things just jump in the cart... I usually have to buy ink at least 3 times a year.  Look at how expensive my ink is.
HP ink
With tax that's almost $300 a year.   YIKES, that is a lot of money. compared to even the most expensive plan of $120 a year that right there is a savings of $180. 

So, remember I said don't worry if you didn't have an HP Envy printer, there's your reason right there to get one. They really aren't that expensive. Here are a few of the most popular ones that some of my friends have.  Mine is no longer made- I have the 8610, the new model is the 8710.
HP Insta Ink is the ultimate Teacher Tool- you will never run out of ink again, it saves you time, money and gives you endless ink at affordable prices.

How to Sign Up for HP Instant Ink

Are you ready to sign-up? When you do, you can get one month free just by using my referral link. Chances are your printer will come with a free month as well, mine did. Who doesn't like free? If you are ready to sign up, just click HP Instant Ink.  What are you waiting for, you can cancel at any time. 

For more printer tips, you might like this article.  Happy Printing....

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Lisa said...

I got my printer and signed up a few weeks ago. LOVE! I have the first printer you show and it works great. I decided to sign up for the $9.99 plan and have been printing like crazy already. No more stressing about colored ink! Enjoy!