Creative Teaching Press Sneak Peak 2016

Creative Teaching Press Upcycle Style for the New School Year- Are you ready to start thinking about decorating for next year?  I know, you need to finish this year, but really, I know you are thinking about next year.  I've already bought a few things, and have marked a few things on Pinterest.  You can check out my 2016 CTP Classroom  board here.
Pinterest board for Creative Teaching Press
Last week I shared some of the Upcycle Styles that I was giving away and the Lucky Winner is...

Last week I shared with you a few new items that are
Coming Soon to Creative Teaching Press 2016
These magnetic decor strips will be available soon.
They will be perfect for decorating and dividing white boards
Creative Teaching Press Magnetic Decor Strips
Creative Teaching Press Magnetic Decor Strips
Who wouldn't want magnetic border- no more double sided tape or adding your own magnetic tape that doesn't stick.

But wait there's more, a sneak peak at the latest and greatest items from
I am SUPER EXCITED about the Dotted Swirl Magnetic Decor Strips on page 3.  These will match the rest of the border I already use in my classroom.  I will be able to use it to outline my sight word wall and not worry about my border falling off every time the heater turns on.
CTP Dotted Swirl magnetic border
I'm also really excited about using this new chart next year to record homework. It will coordinate nicely with the rest of my classroom decor.
CTP Dots on Chalkboard Chart
Then there are these- Look at how beautiful they are.  We just finished our butterfly unit and these picture cards would have been perfect.  This is just one set from the Life Cycles Mini Bulletin Boards Set- frogs and sunflowers are also included.
Creative Teaching Press Life cycles

Would you like another chance to win? 
Creative Teaching Press is giving 5 Teachers a chance to win
$50 Dollars to their store.


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