ABC Countdown to Summer

With less than 30 days of school I have started to prepare for the ABC Countdown to Summer.  My kindergarten team and I plan one activity a day with an alphabet letter theme starting with the letter A and ending with the letter Z on the last day- Zip Up and Zoom Out!
ABC Countdown to Summer: Countdown the days to summer break with a fun activity that correlates with a letter each day.
With 26 days of fun and festivities we try to keep it small and do it all on a shoestring budget.  We do post a sign-up, asking for specific donations.  Our parents are usually responsive and happy to donate the needed items.  Many of our families work and cannot come into the classroom to volunteer, but donating a box of Goldfish crackers or a 6 pack of bubbles from the Dollar Tree, they can do.

Here is my ABC Countdown Calendar in two different formats.  One is a download here the other is Free in my TPT store.  Add your own dates to these FREE calendars.  Please note that both require 8.5 x 14" legal size paper.  Click the pictures to download.
 Count down the days until summer vacation with fun activities each day starting with the letter A and ending on Z to Zip up and Zoom out.  This is an editable word doc calendar.  The ideas are there all you need to do is change the dates to meet your needs.  It is a word doc formatted to be printed on legal sized paper 8.5x14
ABC Countdown to Summer: Countdown the days to summer break with a fun activity that correlates with a letter each day.  Add your own dates to this FREE calendar. Must be printed on legal sized paper.
Bubbles day is always their favorite day. My co-worker always comes out during his lunch break and brings his magic bubble wand and makes gigantic bubbles
for the kids. 

This is his special recipe for the bubbles.
Bubble recipe to make big bubbles and a bubble wand
Our last day of school is June 3rd which means our countdown begins this Thursday which is also the night of our open house.  When is your last day of school?


Maryann said...

Hi Tiffani!
I love the "giant" bubble recipe for these last days before the end of school. Our last day is June 2nd which is approaching fast! One ? for you about your Open House - is this the night for incoming students or do you display students' work from this year? What things do you do for this night? Also, do you do an "end of the year" program? We call our program, Kindergarten Celebration and not graduation. Just looking for new ideas!
Many thanks and have fun with the countdown.

Tiffani said...

Hi Maryann, glad you like the recipe. My co-worker has been making it for years. Our Open House is when we show off all our work for the year. We do get incoming Kindergartners coming to see what we do. However our school has monthly kindergarten tours during the day so parents can come and see classes in action. We just had one last week. I looked up from my writing center to see my principal walking in with a large group of parents and kids. Luckily, all of my centers were on task, iPads, listening-center, ,y phonics- blends group and my group was writing their final copy of their auto biography. Needless to say they were impressed and shocked. We no longer do an end of the year program. We the last two years we have shown a movie and I do in-class awards. I don't know what we will do this year. I'm tired of the movie thing.