Must Have Monday Teacher Tools Week 6

Topcase for MacBooks, Must have teacher tools,, computer cases
Happy Monday- Is it really a Happy Monday? For those of you starting a Fall break I guess it really is. We don't have fall breaks.  Our next day off will be Veteran's Day.  This week's teacher Must have isn't really a tool, but it is a Must Have- if you own a laptop and you are always taking it to and from school.  This weeks post does contain affiliate links to Amazon.  I did not receive any type of payment or product to write my review.  This review is based on my experience with this product.

I absolutely LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this. laptop case.  This year our district gave EVERY teacher a laptop.  We were able to choose between an HP or a MAC- it was a no brainer for me.  MAC, MAC baby. I had been looking for laptop bags and cases over the summer before my new laptop arrived.   I decided to go with a case to protect the Macbook itself.  After picking up my new laptop from the district office and double checking the specifications to make sure I was ordering the correct case to fit my specific Macbook.  This is what I ordered.  Isn't it c-u-u-u-t-e!!!!  I love how vibrant the color is.
Topcase for MacBooks, Must have teacher tools,
I went with TopCase because they had a case that seemed durable and the reviews were good. I liked the variety of designs and colors.  It was hard to choose.  I had a really difficult time.  I'll be honest, I must have changed my mind a dozen times from the black chevron to the gray chevron, then there was the quatrefoil, and I also liked the combination of the gray and black and the gray with the red chevron.  I have a lot of black in my classroom and I tend to wear a lot of black, so I decided I needed a little color in my life.  I went with the red.  It stands out, and I love it!!!!
Notice the details, it snaps on tight and it isn't bulky.  The top isn't a slippery sleek plastic either.  so there is no worry of it slipping out of your hands.  I
Topcase for MacBooks, Must have teacher tools,
The bottom is a solid color with vents for air flow.
The sides have all the appropriate cutouts for all of the cords and cables.
Topcase for MacBooks, Must have teacher tools,
I get a ton of compliments on my case. I thought if my district can spend the money on buying me the laptop I can afford the money to buy the case.  If you do decide to order a case you need to know exactly what type of Macbook you have.
This is the view from the top when it is closed.
Topcase for MacBooks, Must have teacher tools,
TopCase makes several different types of cases and they have a few bundled sets as well.  I did get the bundled set of 5.  It included the case, a neoprene laptop sleeve that has the chevron print.  However, the color isn't as vibrant.  I do like having it as another layer of protection if I'm shoving my laptop into my work bag with a ton of other things.  The bundle came with a screen protector.  Which I love, because i use ESGI  and my kids are always touching my screen to count objects.  It also came with a wireless mouse, I don't use it, that often, but it is nice to have, a mouse pad, I don't use it and a keyboard cover which I don't use.  It was too busy for me.  So Basically out of the bundle I LOVE the case, the sleeve, and the screen protector.  So for me it was still worth the money I paid.  But, if you are just needing the case, then by all means the price for these cases is so worth it.  Just make sure you know exactly what kind of computer you have before you buy, or you will end up with a case that doesn't fit.

Just looks at some of these beautiful designs.  Now you can see why I had such a difficult time choosing.

I've added links below to many of the TopCase deigns on Amazon.

Macbook Pro 13.3" Chevron/Quatrefoil/polkadots/hearts
Macbook Pro 13.3" w/ Retina Display Chevron/Quatrefoil/polkadots/heart

Macbook Pro 15" w/ Retina Display Chevron
Macbook Pro 15" w/ Retina Display Quatrefoil

Macbook Air 13"  Variety of cases
Macbook Air 11"  Variety of cases

Macbook Pro 13" Solid Color
Macbook Pro 13" w/ Retina Display Solid Color
Macbook Pro 15" Solid Color
Macbook Pro 15" w/ Retina Display Solid Color

Well, that's it for Monday.  Hope your week is great.  Mine is packed full with making applesauce, a visit from the fire department and much more.  I'll be back with blog posts  a freebie, and I have lots to tell you.  I know I have been MIA this school year.but that is changing and I'll fill you in soon, I promise.

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