Planning, Pacing and Prepping

This time of year most of us are busy, planning, pacing out our year and prepping our materials.  I can't believe I start back in just a few weeks.  I'm trying to refrain from entering my classroom and pretending I don't have to work on school stuff, but all those thoughts hit while I'm sleeping.  I had my first of what I'm sure will be many "back-to-school nightmare".  You know the ones, where you wake up in a panic only to realize it was just a dream,.  Mine was about meeting my kindergarten class the first day and they were all as big as second graders.  I hope that isn't some weird premonition that I'll be getting a last minute grade level change.  I've put down roots in Kindergarten and have no plans of leaving anytime soon.

I've been prepping at home, working on things, printing, laminating, you know the drill.  I haven't been able to really work in my room though.  It is one hot mess right now.  We aren't supposed to go in during July and when we do, they ask us to keep the lights and air off.  My building is old cinder block.  Those rooms cook in the afternoon.  As for the mess, there are holes in the wall where our clock and PA system used to be.  We're getting new digital clock.  not sure I like that.  I'll still keep a REAL clock  on my calendar wall.  There are also wires hanging out along our computer station.  We are getting a new wifi system system  and losing our hard plug computer connections.  We will be all wireless.  I hope there's a back-up plan if the wireless goes down.  In a pinch I guess I can use my iPhone as a hotspot.  A girl has to be connected …

So look at this beauty of a space.  This was my calendar wall, but we are getting flat screens so I had to mark where I want it.  Not sure if anyone will listen, but I had to try.  I want to decorate that area and get my calendar wall up, but I can't until they are done… and they haven't started yet.  If it isn't finished by the day before we start, I'll slap that fabric back up.  Sorry it's dark.  My windows are way up high and it is a paint open the curtains.
Here's where I Need your help.  I'd love some suggestions for this space. This is what it used to look like  The fabric is black.  I have a new calendar pocket chart it is black as are all my calendar wall pieces.  So do I put black on black or put nothing behind it and just frame the space with border.  My colors are black, red and white.  Would red be too much.  Should I add a new pop of color?  If yes, then what color?  It is a huge space.  It is 7 1/2 ft tall x 9 1/2 ft wide.
calendar wall
If you follow me in Instagram, you may have known that I finished my September Writing Center.  So if you had bought the bundle for the year- it is in there and the bundle is on-sale
writing center kindergarten, word wall cards
Please give me suggestions for my space.  I'm out of ideas.  Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on TpT and bloglovin too.  I have some fun things planned for next week.  You won't want to miss it.


Unknown said...

I would frame the pocket charts and such with red or maybe put a red border around them. Just a little though so the focus stays where you want it, but yet everything doesn't seem to blend.

K8esmama said...

I agree with Heidi. A red boarder would be awesome!