Back to School Sale with TpT

It's almost time to go back to school.  While teachers are running around trying to find that deal at Office Depot, Target and Big Lots for classroom centers and decor, we are also scouring Pinterest and TpT for the latest and greatest curriculum.  August can be a very $$$ month, so a sale of any kind is much appreciated.
I have been slaving working days and nights to finish some products just in time for the sale.  
All About Numbers is just that- I created this out of  necessity.  During the first few weeks of school I focus a lot on number sense with my kindergartners.  Most of my students come in not knowing much at all about numbers.  We will be using this set  several ways.  We will make anchor charts as I introduce the number and then keep the charts for review.  I'll keep a set in a pocket chart on my calendar wall.  and then I'll b shrinking some of the pages to use in our math journals.  
number anchor charts, calendar wall, number posters, number sense in kindergarten
Back to School Sight Word Search focuses on the first 200 words on the Fry list.  I started making these word searches at the end of last year, for the words my kindergartners were having difficulty with.  
kindergarten sight words, Fry word list, sight word search
Sort it Out focuses on sorting, classifying and graphing the sorts.  I've been working on CCSS for math this summer and knew that I needed to focus more on these skills.  
Last up is my Mystery Grab Bag.  It currently has 40 pages of odds and ends.  These are things I make throughout the year for my classroom.  I will continue to add to the bundle. the more I add, the higher the price.  BUT- if you purchase it now, you will be able to continue downloading each new version as I add to it throughout the year.
Mystery Grab Bag, growing bundle, TpT Kindergarten

I have a few more days before I officially report back.  For those who are already back- I wish you a terrific school year!!! If you are like me, enjoy your last few free moments. 

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Hello from Spain: I like going back to school with new material. Fabulous proposals. Keep in touch