Hosting the Staff End of Year Luncheon

Serve guests their drinks in fun bright colored plastic insulated cups.
Some people might think I'm crazy for even suggesting that the staff end of the year luncheon take place at my home instead of a restaurant.  Usually we got on a Mexican restaurant to eat at and then we pre-order meals before the last day.  After all the report cards are handed out, last minute hugs and photos are finished, our staff meets up for lunch.

You want to get there early to get the prime seat.  Nothing is worse then being stuck at the end of the table or next to someone you prefer not to be sitting next too  The conversations are hard to follow and your are stuck there, sitting in your chair until the bill arrives.  Then there is the dreaded trying to figure out who owes how much money, who didn't pay for their 2nd beverage and so on.

This year we voted on a restaurant or my house.  One its was decided we'd be dining in m backyard, my husband offered to cook rather than paying to have it catered.  Once again it went to a staff vote.  Now many of my co-workers have had the pleasure of dining at our home.  they know my husbands hobby is cooking and he is quite good at it.  This explains the never ending trying to loose weight but can't.

I love to have parties.  People are always surprised to hear that I have party dinnerware for 30.  This is all separate from our everyday dishes.  You name the tray, chaffing dish or dessert cup, we have it.   So when it came time for the party i wanted to have it be a little more festive then drinks on the patio served out of red solo cups.

summer party favorsI'm not sure what made me think of it, it could have been my never ending trips to Target and the .99 Cent Store.  They are next to each other.  If I go to one I usually go to the other.  I decided to purchase fun summer drink cups for all staff members who had signed up to attend.  When they arrived they were told to "Grab a Cup and Pour a Drink".  We used a sharpie to write names on the bottom, just in-case someone forgot which cup they had.  Next time I think I'll try using my chalk pens on the outsides.  Everyone can decorate their own cup.  In hind sight- I should have written- "Grab a Cup and Fill It Up".

My co-worker/friend brought her Margaritaville machine- this is next on my party purchase must-haves.  My daughter played bartender, my husband prepared and served the food and our guests left happy, full and with a new cup.

The best part about this party was that people were able to move about, have many different conversations and really enjoy our last day of school. As a bonus when someone knocked oner their drink, it didn't spill and make a huge mess.

If you are hosting a party and will be serving some beverages, pass on the solo cups and head to your local Dollar Store or .99 Cents Store.  You can download my signs by clicking the pictures below.
insulated drink cups for summer partiesinsulated drink cups for summer parties

I found these similar cups online at the Dollar Tree 
double walled plastic tumblers with straw


Donna said...

That sounds like you hosted a wonderful get together! I love the fact everyone could mingle & walk around versus only getting to make conversation with who was right beside them.

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Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: they are very fun and interesting activities.We keep in touch