Summer Break-Week 1

I've been on summer break for a week now.  However, I haven't really done anything that screams "Hey, I'm on SUMMER BREAK!!!" I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday working on aligning the CCSSS for math.  Thursday and Friday were spent on developing a new report card that matches CCSS.   Saturday we spent with friends and Today I spent 5 hours purging old files and unused old copies of stuff.  I felt like i was drowning in paper.  I'm not done with de-cluttering and purging, but today was a good start.

Rumor has it they are cleaning our rooms this week.  If that is true, then maybe…. fingers crossed mine will be done by next weekend.  That would mean I could go in and put my room back together and begin set-up for the next year.  I'd love to walk away in July and not Return until I absolutely have to to.

Summer plans consist of eating healthy, walking the dogs and maybe  a weekend get-away.  My son entered me in a contest to win a trip to Frog Street.  Its in Texas, someplace I haven't been yet.  It would be fun to go and meet up with some other teachers I know will be there.  You can vote for me by clicking the photo below.  While you are there please like my friend Jennifer's photo too.   Her picture says it all.  We had such a fun time in Atlanta together, I now we'd have even more fun in Texas.

Here's to hoping week #2 has a little fun in it...

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