Whole Brain Teaching Book Study

Have you heard of Whole Brain Teaching?  I first heard about it two years ago at the I Teach K conference. I didn't think of it much more after that until last year when a friend suggested I read the book.  I Googled the book, found the website, and read a little bit, then ordered it from Amazon.
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When it arrived, I was excited to read it.  I read the first part, watched some Youtube videos and even made a Pinterest board for all the things I could find about WBT.  I tried to sit in on a webinar,  hosted by the books Author, but I had a terrible connection and gave up.  I wasn't really sure how it could work in kindergarten, but I gave it a try.  I  started with the "CLass"" "Yes"".  I couldn't believe how quickly my kids caught on, and it worked.

Then assessment time came  and that was that.  I never finished the book, i never tried to watch more webinars and I never implemented anymore steps.  So that brings me to now.  It is summer break, the book is still in my reading basket next to my big comfy chair and I will be starting a book study in my Teacher Facebook Group.  I also have another blogger friend who will be joining me to help me  lead the very casual discussions.  I've shared it on my Facebook fan page and in my Facebook Teacher group.  I was surprised to learn that many teachers like myself already had the book or were planning to read the book.

I'm inviting all of you to join the book study on Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids. It won't be anything formal. It would require you to have the book, read the book and discuss it. We are planning to start on June 30th.   Also if you have Amazon prime, I think the book is available for free on your Kindle downloads.
You can join the Teacher Facebook Friends group here
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 If you want to see what I have pinned on my WBT board, you can see it here.
Follow Time 4 Kindergarten's board WBT (Whole Brain Teaching) on Pinterest.

So, grab the book and join the Whole Brain Teaching Book Study, we can all learn about it together.  This is going to be fun!!!


Emma @ Our Whimsical Days said...

I've never heard of this method of teaching but it sounds fascinating! I'm not a teacher, just a mom, so I can't join the study but I'm definitely researching more about this teaching method!

hsamuelson said...

I'm heading to the Pineville conference on Whole Brain Teaching next week! I'd love to join in the study!
Mrs. Samuelson's Swamp Frogs

Unknown said...

We went to the WBT Confrence last year and fell in love! Super Improvers completely made over our classroom management, and we loved it!!!! It's a great book! Hope you enjoy!
Ashley and Brooklynn

Sally said...

I'm a big fan of WBT and use a lot of their stuff in my classroom. I'd like to get more going in my classroom, it all works!

Sally from Elementary Matters

Tiffani said...

Sally- come join us- I'd love your input being that you have used it.

Anonymous said...

This is going to amazing! Perfect timing Tiffani!! Looking forward to chiming in!!

chevronandcenters said...

I have been using WBT for 4 years and I absolutely love it!! Totally changed my teaching. I attend in the WBT national conference last year it was amazing. Looking forward to joining in on the book study:)

Erin Murphy said...

I've heard a lot about WBT but don't know anything about it! I'm looking forward to learning more through this book study, thanks so much for hosting!!

Warmest Wishes,

Ms. Hoag said...

I love WBT! I use it in my class but sadly the book has sat unopened on the shelf for like a year... just requested to join the FB group...I don't teach Kinder but want to do the book study :) Is the FB group where you'll be discussing?

Tiffani said...

Ms. Hoag- yes, we will be discussing it in the FB group,. Then I'll take some pieces from that and write a blog post or two about it. I'm also working on putting together a Twitter chat towards the end of July and then again after school starts in September.

Unknown said...

I would like to be included!! Thank you!