Bright Ideas Round Up

It's time to round up and re-cap all the Bright Ideas that have been shared these last 10 months.   If you missed a month's Bright Ideas post or are new to our M\monthly postings, now is the time to catch up.
Bright Ideas Round-Up

Today I'll share a few of my favorites that I have blogged about.
Bright Ideas Round-Up
Bright Ideas Round-Up
Bright Ideas Round-Upm magic erasers
Bright Ideas Round-Up,magic eraser, mr. clean
Bright Ideas Round-Up, Debbie Dillar, Math station, literacy station

Bright Ideas Round-Up, Debbie Dillar, Math station, literacy station
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I hope you have enjoyed my Bright Ideas.
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Katie Knight said...

Mr Clean is my secret boyfriend! I love those magic erasers and I love you girl.
Teacher to the Core

Mark said...

I had heard mixed reviews on Mr. Clean, but your photos make me a believer. Here is a hot glue gun idea that I also really like and think would be of great help to your readers. When labeling things or putting up student work we aren't allowed to put hot glue on the painted walls due to the mess it can create when it is time to repaint. This idea I got from solves the problem. Go to the ORGANIZE section of the site.