Classroom Attention Getters

Remember back to when you were in school and all the teacher needed to do to get your attention was flick the lights on or ring the little bell?  Today, there are so many different ways to grab your classes attention.  Over the years, I have tried so many-
The Chimes
classroom attention getters
The Light Switch
classroom attention getters
Dancing Coconut Tree
It lights up, shakes and plays a tune.
classroom attention getters
The Pattern Clap
classroom attention getters

Give Me Five
*Eyes on the Speaker
*Be Still
*Hands Free

All of these work for a while, but let's face it,  if I need their attention ringing chimes or running over to the light switch might not be so easy.  Especially if I'm across the room.  This is when a Patten Clap or the give me Five Works.  

However my top two favorite attention getters are...
1-2-3 Eyes n Me

I say "1-2-3 Eyes On Me"
Students reply "1-2 Eyes On You"
as they lace their hands on their head

You can grab a FREE copy by clicking on the photo.
The Wireless Doorbell
classroom attention getters
I love my wireless doorbell.  It comes with two remotes.  I keep one on my teaching cart.  It is in the center of the classroom so the remote is easy to reach.  The other remote usually stays at my reading table, but sometimes I carry it around in my pocket, if I'm going to be hopping from table to table.  There are tons of wireless remote options out there.  I bought an inexpensive one from Amazon.  It comes tithe over 30 different melodies.  The second my kids hear it, they stop what they are doing and place their hands on there head.
classroom attention getters
What do you use to grab your students undivided attention?


Christer said...

A doorbell? Love it!

frasico022 said...

Wonderful ideas you have shared here about Classroom Attention Getters!! I am a Phoenix pre-k
teacher and I also love to learn new ideas that I can use for my kid’s. It’s really interesting that you have shared here about doorbell. I will try this in my classroom too.