Working on Basic Fine Motor Skills

We just finished our 8th day of school and we are having a blast.  From the very first day, we learned how to use scissors and glue.  These are both skills that most of my students don't have.  Only a few have had experience using scissors.  We've also been practicing using a pencil to trace basic shapes and write our name.
tracing and scissor skills, kindergarten find motor skills

Last Week
I used markers to write their name in rainbow colors.  Then they glued on the bitty construction paper pieces to match.  This lesson told me a lot about my kids.  I immediately knew who could follow directions and use a model to complete their work.  I used these trays I found at the Dollar Store to keep the papers separated.
collage art, sorting tray
 We used our glue sponge tubs successfully
name art, rainbow names, collage art
name art, collage art, rainbow names, kindergarten art
Our Life Skill this week was Friendship. On the day we learned all about the letter F, we made Friendship Fish.  After watching the Rainbow Fish from the students worked with a partner to create their own rainbow fish.  All of my kids worked together so well.
rainbow fish, collage art, paper art, cooperative learning, kindergarten art, Like Skills, friendship
Thursday night was our Back-to-School Night.  I had 11 out of 19 parents attend.  Not fabulous, but it was better than some of my colleagues had.

Enjoy the 3-day weekend.  I still need to plan and prep for next week, but I am taking a break from school work to spend time with my family.


Unknown said...

Hi - I'm a school Principal and am going into my kindergarten classroom to allow that teacher some time to observe her peers. I told her I'll bring the lesson so she has less work and I love your Rainbow Fish activity. Can I print out the fish worksheet from your site? You website is fabulous!

Deb said...

I love your rainbow names! I am going to do that with my little ones. Do you have a master of your fish? It is so cute! I am doing rainbow fish this week.