First Day Hooray and a Classroom Reveal

Hip, Hip Hooray, I survived my first day.  Only a few kids shed tears, no one wet their pants and no one got lost.  I say it was a FABULOUS first day!  We even had indoor recess due to what seemed like rain but was a heavy wet fog that left our playground drenched and a plugged up rain gutter gushing water over my doorway.  I currently have 19 kids 11 boys, 8 girls. They are cute, excited and young.  I forget how young they are when they enter kindergarten.

Today we read the Kissing Hand, played with math manipulatives, sang songs, did a letter search for the Letter A from my Alphabet Sleuth packet and made our First Day of Kindergarten Crowns.  We were busy, busy, busy and I am TIRED!!!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a few pics of my classroom.  Before the kids arrived, I snapped some photos.  I knew it would never look this way again.

The picture at the top was taken in my co-workers room.  Here is my room! I did take all my kids photos with them holding up the frame.  I used my projector screen as a backdrop.  They came out so ADORABLE!!!!

This is my class library.  I bought the tables, black stools and pillows at IKEA.  I can take the covers off the pillows and wash (pillow & cover) when they get dirty.
Two Posters I designed and had printed at Costco in a 16x20 print.  I mounted it to black foam core board from the Dollar tree to give it stability.
 The view from my desk.  The polka dot and chevron lantern are from Just Artifacts.
On the far left is my skinny teacher table where I keep my materials I will be using during the day. I added a skirt to my skinny table.  It is 18x60 it is perfect for keeping storage containers under.  I use my Thirty One Bags Organizing Utility Tote to hold a file box and a weeks worth of plans.  I can grab the bag and take it home for the weekend to organize if needed.  Next to it is my media cart that I added a cover to.  It hides all the cords and holds my projector, elmo, VCR and DVD player.  Next to the media cart is an old stool I repainted and recovered this summer. The table signs are a free download from my Facebook page.
 Another view from my desk towards my entry door.  Excuse the garbage can. Not sure why it is sitting there???  The open door on the right  is to my hallway where I have my cubbies and backpack hooks.  The other door that is slightly open is to the neighboring teachers room.  I have another door by my desk that leads to another teachers room and one more that leads to the playground.  Yes, that is four doors in my room.  I do however have 5 walls, only 2 of which are straight, the rest are slanted which makes it tricky  for room designs.
 More pictures of the rainbow reading table and word wall
 Clip Chart
 Calendar Wall
 Recovered a chair to match
 Put a skiât ont he computer counter to hide things underneath and added some stools from IKEA
 Teacher phone area with calendar and message board.
 Table caddies nice and organized.
Well, that is it.  I didn't show you my desk, our play house area or our listening center area.  I'll have to snap those another day.

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Luv My Kinders said...

Love your classroom colors. Looks fantastic!

Luv My Kinders

Unknown said...

I love the colors! It looks great!