Lakeshore Stretch and Connect Builders

Oh my, I was so excited when Lakeshore asked me to review their Stretch and Connect Builders.  Can I just say that these have been a hit for the past month at my house.    Being that we are still on summer break, I had the product shipped to my house.
Lakeshore Learning

I opened the box one evening when my son had a few friends over.  The minute they saw it they asked if they could play with it.  Now if you follow my blog, you know my son is no longer little.  He is  ahem… 18.
I told them they could test them out but not to break anything.  First they opened all the bags and then sorted all the pieces.
Lakeshore Learning
I soon found my son and his friends strategically working to see who could build the coolest contraption.  My son is the one in the glasses, The other kid is is friend Aaron.
Lakeshore Learning
By watching them work, I learned that they do exactly what they are called
Lakeshore Learning
Lakeshore Learning
Lakeshore Learning
Just Look at What the Big Boys Built
Lakeshore Learning
lakeshore educational toys
If a bunch a college freshmen  can have this much fun playing with these, just think of the good times kindergartners and first graders will have

And as a bonus, they can work on building their fine motor skills as they maneuver, bend and connect the pieces.

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gail said...

Tiffani, I have these in my preK room. I don't put them out until the end of the year because my fours like to put them in their mouth and blow through them. I just wanted to give you a heads up warning. They are very fun to build with after we get past the blowing.