Time to Go Back to School Sneak Peek

I've been MIA this past week due to preparing to go back to school.  Although  our official day is August 18th, I had two days this week of incoming kindergarten assessments and then worked in my classroom to get it set up for the new year. I'm not quite ready for the real classroom photo tour, but Ill give you a little sneak pen of behind the scenes prepping.

Every year I seem to move just a few things round.  I always feel like I'm paling Tetris with my room. There seems to always be one piece of furniture that just doesn't fit. This year I also wanted to add a little more decor to my room.  I bought some some tissue pompoms in white, black and red, and some chevron and polka dot lanterns.  You can find them here at

tissue pompoms, kindergarten classroomtissue pompoms, kindergarten classroomtissue pompoms, kindergarten classroom
chevron lanterns, kindergarten classroompolka dot lanterns, kindergarten classroom

I think I'm going to order a few more pompoms, They have them in polka dots too.

I also found these at Walmart in the party section.  They are 8" come in a 2-pack for .97¢ I added my table numbers to them and will be hanging them from the the light fixtures.
tissue fans, kindergarten classroom
 I had this old stool I had bought, and painted to look like a watermellon over 20 years ago.  This year I decided to make it blend into my classroom.   Alittle paint and some fabric is all it took.
recovered stool, kindergarten classroom, polka dot classroom
 I took an old chair and recovered it too.  It wan't as easy as I had hoped, as the back was held on with plastic pegs.  I broke two in the process of prying the back off, but luckily the other two pegs hold it together.
recovered classroom chair, polka dot chair, kindergarten classroom
 I needed a new book bag chart.  i had used labels on my old one ad didn't want to spend the time using goo gone to get them off.
book bag chart, take home readers, chevron library pockets
 I needed something to hold all my pointers.  I found this small waste basket at Target for $2.99.  I used my Cricut and some red vinyl to make the letters.
cricut, vinyl letters, kindergarten classroom
 I printed out my stars with the numbers and see clear contact paper to adhere them to the floor.  I know have a number line from 1-30 that winds through my classroom.
lining up, kindergarten lining stars
You can purchase my number line in my TpT store
lining up, kindergarten line up
 This year I am adding items to my calendar wall to use with my Calendar Notebooks.
calendar wall, math wall, calendar time, kindergarten math wall, calendar notebooks
I'm using the blackened white version, but It comes in other color options too.
calendar wall, math wall, calendar time, kindergarten math wallcalendar wall, math wall, calendar time, kindergarten math wall
calendar wall, math wall, calendar time, kindergarten math wallcalendar wall, math wall, calendar time, kindergarten math wall
calendar wall, math wall, calendar time, kindergarten math wall, ten framescalendar wall, math wall, calendar time, kindergarten math wall
calendar wall, calendar notebooks, kindergarten math clock numbers, temperatureclock numbers, calendar wall
I also made this attendance lunch board, I just need to find a place to hang it.  I really want it to be a part of our calendar wall, but I need to use nails and really didn't want to put nails through my fabric.
attendance boards, lunch count board, student check in, kindergarten lunch
I also made myself a new clip chart. I know there are different opinions on the use of these, but for me it really works.  I really try to focus on the positive aspects of student behavior and move my kids up the chart.  I wear their pins when the reach the top.  I also let them move back up the chart if they have had to clip down.  Once I see that they have modified their behavior.  When they clip down, we have a quick conference. I really stress to my students that they are great kids who made a poor choice and they can choose to do the right thing.  
clip chart, behavior chart
clip chart, behavior chart
Well that is all you will get for now.  Real classroom photos will come next week.I intend to stay away from school until Next Monday, when I officially must be back.  I thought I'd leave you with a little Back to School gift.  This is not in my calendar pack- it is just something I whipped up for myself and then decided to share.
calendar numbers, free, chalk numbers


Oma Sara Bates said...

I love the idea of wearing their clip when they get to the top!

Angie said...

Love your number freebie! There is a typo, though. You have two 5's and no 8. Any chance you could fix it? Thanks!

Tiffani said...

Thanks Angie for catching that. It is all fixed.

Madamsara said...

I just discovered your fun blog! I love all your great ideas! I was wondering if you would be selling the table #'s and attendance board labels on TPT. They are darling!

Tiffani said...

Sarah, I will be listing both today

CreativeKelly3 said...

Where did you find the sheet of metal for the lunch choice board?

CreativeKelly3 said...
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Tiffani said...

CreativeKelly3 It is from Ikea it is a magnetic dry erase board it was about $12

CreativeKelly3 said...

Thank you so much Tiffani!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Tiffani!
I love the numbers. I already have them labeled and on my calendar. Did you notice there is not a 31?

Tiffani said...

Hi Lisa, yes, that has been updated- Here is thenew post and newest files http://www.time4kindergarten.com/2016/08/back-to-school-tips-and-freebie-day-2.html