The Best Snowy Day Book Art Project for Kindergarten

I'm not really sure why, but the book The Snowy Day is the one book I remember from being a kid.  Every time I see this book I get a warm feeling in my heart.   I wanted to share the art project my class did this week, based on this book.  I had seen ideas on Pinterest to have the kids paint a scene from the book and then place Peter in his snowsuit within the picture.  I had also come across an idea to mix equal amounts of shaving cream and white glue together to create white puffy paint.

I used both of the ideas to make our own version of Peter and The Snowy Day.  The pictures are so cool in real life.  The texture feels a bit foamy.  The more the kids glob it on the better.  We use a fat watercolor brush for the snow and q-tips for the snowflakes.  I demonstrated how to apply the paint in a dabbing up and down motion, rather than painting from side to side.  More is better. Be sure to put something underneath the blue paper so it doesn't stick to your table.  I used plain white butcher paper. These do take time to dry, at least 15 hours.  I also suggest you use plain shaving cream.  I took the can my husband had and yuck- it is aloe shaving cream.  It has a funky smell and my whole room reeked of old man aftershave.
After they had dried, I had the kids cut our Peter and glue him to their paintingThe Snowy Day Art Activity
Aren't they FABULOUS!!!


NiseyT said...

These turned out so cute! We snow painted today too!

Sarah said...

Those are so cute! I am going to have to try and squeeze that in next week. Might me a good project for my parent helper!

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Unknown said...

These are just way too cute! I just posted about some writing we did in our class based on The Snowy Day. I've used this book for of my favorites too! I'll have to try this activity with them next week. They will love it!
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Lori said...

Your pictures turned out so cute! That is a great idea to use the puffy paint!
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Special Teacher for Special Kids said...

Pinned SNOW
:o) V.
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Unknown said...

What a terrific idea. I love your website! Thanks for sharing.
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Nicole Heinlein said...

These are so so so cute! Thanks so much for linking up this post!
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