My Target $1 Spot Finds

Today I had a coffee date with one of my really good friends.  We thought we grab coffee at the Starbuck's inside Target- my two favorite places.  Any teacher knows it's not a trip to Target unless you visit the $1 spot when entering.  After scouring all the shelves several times and justifying why I needed all of it, here is what I found and how I plan to use it.

Star Wand Dry Erase Boards
Small group work- kids can write answers and hold them up for me to see.  No more trying to read upside down- although I am pretty good at it.

Addition Cards
I bought two sets as I plan to use these in a Math Work Station as a matching game.  Later I'll use them when we start addition.
Sight Word Cards
Good for the kids to practice their reading with.  I like how there are sentneces using the words at the bottom.
Hundreds Day Stickers and BookMarks
That day is sneaking up on me. This will be a fun reward for the kids.
Bucket and Numbers
 Had to have the bucket- it matches my classroom.  As for the foam sticker numbers- I'll think of something.
 Heart Glasses and Doilies
The glasses will be great to use in February for literacy time when the kids ?Read the Room" or when they are the "Star of the Day"  The Dollies will be used for an art project of some kind.
Always can use these, I have snowman glyph I'm working on and these will be needed.


Unknown said...

I love and hate Dollar Spot at Target!!! I can never leave that place without spending 20 dollars or more :)

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing! Now at least I know ahead of time that my trip to Target this weekend will cost more that I had originally planned. I really do NEED some of those star dry erase things and some 100's day stuff. I love that bucket too! Target really has discovered that teachers love the dollar spot! I bet they make a small fortune off of us!

Clearly Kindergarten

Tiffani said...

Pam, I feel the same way about Target, it is a Love/Hate relationship.
Sarah, I know they make a small fortune off of me.
Thank you both for stopping by and commenting.