Celebrating the 100th Day

Hooray- it is almost the 100th day.  Depending on when you started school, you've either already celebrated are will be shortly.  We will be celebrating on Friday, February 1st.  Our day will be filled with making hats, glasses necklaces and sharing our 100th day projects.   

100th day activities
We will be stringing 100 beads to make a necklace.  If you give the kids a 100's chart to set their beads on, they will be successful in counting their beads.
100th day kindergarten activities
I will also be leaving these little surprises around the classroom.  I have used 100 stickers programmed with numbers 1-100.  I placed the stickers to the bottoms of 100 Hershey's Kisses.  The kids will hunt the room for the Kisses and bring them back to an enlarged 100's chart.  Once all the Kisses have been found, we will divide them up to enjoy at the end of the day.
 100th day activities
We will also be doing the activities in my hooray for the 100th Day pack. We will be making this bunting banner to string across the classroom.
100th day activities
Lastly, a few of my co-workers and I will be wearing t-shirts with these on them.  The bunting and the t-shirt logo are available in my Hooray for the 100th Day packet from TpT.
100th day t-shirt


Kerri Buckner said...

Next Friday is our 100th day too. It was suppose to be on Thursday but then we were out today for icy condition. Love the ideas. I think I'm going to do the kisses this year.
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Klass

School Sparks Renee said...

100t Day is so much fun. Great idea putting stickers on Hershey Kisses. We string fruit loop cereal pieces instead of beads and the children put 10 of one color on their string before switching to another color. Then they count by tens to make sure they have 100! Have a great day. Renee

Mrs. Lindsey said...

Love 100th day! We celebrated ours yesterday and had a blast!

Lovin’ Kindergarten

Unknown said...

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