Predictable Books with an Alphabet Focus

I have some little friends who just need some extra help.  They still don't know all of the letter names, they only know a few sight words and they lack vocabulary.  I created some new books for them to use during our small group time.  I will be able to focus on vocabulary, a specific letter and get them reading predictable, receptive text using our sight words.  I've made books like these for years, but decided I should jazz them up with new clipart and some tracking dots to help them keep track as they read.  I then created one more extra piece as a follow-up,  that I will be using for their homework. So far, they are loving these books.  We keep a copy of the book in our reader box and a second copy goes home for nightly practice. I currently only have Aa and Bb in my TpT store, the rest are coming just as soon as I make them pretty. the best part is that they are only $1 each.