Announcing Kinderland a New Community

Have you seen this blog? If you have not heard of Kinderland - it's basically a collective group of kindergarten/early primary teachers-bloggers who strive to learn and grow with one another. We also each have our own blogs that you may know. Another extension of this group is a Pinterest board called Kinderland Collaborative. You may have seen it on Pinterest lately!

Today I am announcing some SUPER EXCITING news!

The original Kinderland members have started a new Google + community that you are definitely going to want to be apart of. It is the Kinderland Collaborative Community.   IT was designed to be a meeting place between ALL kinder teachers ......bloggers and non-bloggers alike. If you are interested in all things kindergarten - you will want to join. Kinderland Collaborative Community is a place to get to know other kindergarten teachers from around the world, get to know your favorite kindergarten bloggers (and learn about new ones)......ask questions, bounce ideas off other kindergarten teachers. The sky is the limit.....when we all work together! You will even see there is a place to link to freebies (all in one place) and we will have giveaways from time to time too!

I hope you will join our google community!

Why Google+?
Well, it's like Facebook, but better. The layout is nicer, allows us to create threads for different topics. We can even have hangouts (where you can video/audio chat with other kinder teachers and bloggers). 

Click the button below to join!!!


Tiffani said...

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by. Getting your name out there takes time and hard work. I've been blogging for several years- Pinterest has helped me along the way. Keep at it and it will happen

April said...

Hi Ms. Tiffany. I am from the Philippines. I would like to know if it possible to be a part of Kinderland Collaborative. I just started using pinterest and hope that joining will help me collaborate with teachers around the world. Thank you so much for your kind consideration.