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Another day, another guest blogger.  My second guest blogger is Greg, from Smedley's Smorgasboard. Thanks Greg for helping a fellow blogger out!!!

The Soundtrack Of Our Classroom!

I get a lot of comments about the music blaring from our classroom, especially in the mornings.  I used to subscribe to the theory that playing soft, classical music in the mornings kept my students calm and was a great way to get them to work quietly as we got our day started.  Guess what classical music does?  It slows us down and lulls us to a restful state.  Guess what we don't want our students doing in the morning??  You got it.  Resting!  New research says we need to play upbeat, energetic and fun music to get our students fired up for the day!  With this new research, I have compiled a playlist called Arrivals and Celebrations!  Here is what you will find on that playlist:  

The NBC Olympic Theme
Chariots Of Fire
Flight of the Bumblebee
William Tell Overture
Edge Of Glory (Lady Gaga)
Firework (Kidzbop, Katy Perry)
Let's Get It Started
Monster Mash (we are Monsters Inc. And Mr. Greg's Little Monsters)

I set this on level 10 (yes we rock out in the morning!) and let it shuffle and repeat until the principal comes on for announcements.  I have seen a noticeable difference from last year to this year with a change to the more upbeat music!

I also have a playlist on my iPod called Fluency Songs!  These are very fast paced songs for when I want the class to complete a task quickly.  I use this playlist when we're cutting stuff out, passing stuff out or cleaning up our tables!  Here is that playlist:

Flight of the Bumblebee
1812 Overture
Bonanza Theme
Hawaii Five-O Theme

And our fun learning songs that we use for letters, sounds, numbers and counting:

Little Hands (Jack Hartmann)
Alphardy (Dr. Jean)
Alien Alphabet (Intellitunes)
Birthdays (Jack Hartmann)
Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow (Jack Hartmann)
Counting 1-20 (Jack Hartmann)
Numbers All Around (Jack Hartmann)
Numeral Song (Dr. Jean)
Firework (Katy Perry)

Our clean up song this year is Monster Mash!

What is the soundtrack for your classroom?

Thank you Tiffani for letting me be a guest blogger!!

Be sure to visit Greg's blog!!!


Tamara @ Lifes A Beach in 1st Grade said...

Great Ideas! Thanks Smedley! Love finding new blogs too!

Life's A Beach in First Grade

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