Monday, August 5, 2013

When Report Cards Were Simple

While going through some old boxes of photos I came across my kindergarten report card.  Things were so simple back then.  Teachers had two choices S-Satisfactory or N-Needs Improvement.  There were also only 2 reporting periods 1st and 2nd semester.  There was none of this trimester system or progress reports.  I'm sure it didn't take my teacher 30 minutes to do 1 report card.  She probably had them all completed in less than an hour.

When I first started teaching, there was a lot of play in kindergarten.  We had a lot of time for painting, play-doh, social development, the dramatic play center and such. Now it seems that those are free-choice time activities that I manage to squeeze in on Friday afternoons.   Kindergartners weren't expected to be able to count to 100, compose and decompose numbers, read 60+ sight words and write about an experience.

With all the standards and progress monitoring we do today,  the quote at the bottom has me thinking...


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