Dollar Store Deals

Last week I made my annual trip with my co-worker to the Dollar Tree and the .99 cent store.  We always find great things and come up with fabulous teaching ideas while we are shopping. Here is what we found at...
Dollar Tree
Foam Wands
Perfect for Pointers and Reading the Room

Googly Eyes
Best Deal Ever.  I buy a few packs and sort them by sizes into ziplock bags.
Great sorting activity for Kindergarteners too.

Post-It note Puzzle Pieces
hThis is where my friend and I started brainstorming
Story Retelling (Who, What, When, Where)
Pre-fix & Suffix (she teachers 3rd grade)

 GIant Flyswatters
Read the Room
Swat the Word

.99 Cent Store
Colored Clothespins (I bought 3 packs)
Hanging up work on clotheslines
Games that need clothespins 
Attach pictures to the end for attendance, clip charts and such
Hang a ribbon on bulletin boards and attach artwork to the ribbon with clothespins.
Great for fine moter 
I also bought more sponges and little containers to make each kid their own glue tub.  
You can see my post here
Coming Soon my IKEA finds

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