Monday, February 6, 2017

My Show and Tell Apron: An Apron that Teaches

Happy Monday, Today this post is all about something I just absolutely LOVE!!!! The person behind it is one of the most creative, talented and fabulous, people I have ever met. In 2012  I was lucky enough to meet Sandy Welch at the I Teach K conference in Las Vegas.  Sandy is the genius creator of the amazing Show and Tell Aprons.  After seeing these aprons, I just new I had to have one.  Of course I wanted it to match my classroom and Sandy was willing to accommodate my special request.
Show and Tell Teaching Apron:Show and Tell Aprons  are a must for every primary classroom.  These versatile aprons can be used in all curricular areas.  Once you start using your apron you'll wonder how you ever managed to teach without it.
I LOVE  my Show and Tell teaching apron. I use this apron all the time. At the beginning of the year, when I am introducing letter names and sounds, I can load the pockets with the letters and picture cards to quiz my kids as they enter the classroom.  As we move on to word families and CVC words, I have cards for these too.  For math I have cards for subitizing, number recognition, ten frames, base ten and tally marks.
Show and Tell Teaching Apron
The apron have 5 clear plastic pockets for the cards.  Under that there are two cloth pockets that can hold extra cards.
Show and Tell Teaching Apron
Here are a few more examples of how I use my apron
  • Password/Exit Ticket: as students enter or exit I quiz them
  • Walk-About Assessment: as I walk about I can quickly check-in with kids and assess
  • Story Retelling: the pockets are great for sequencing- 
  • Math: addition, subtraction, use for number bonds
  • Rhyming: which pictures rhyme
  • Sound segmenting/Word blending: 
  • Sight Word of the day: 
  • Mix up Sight Word: Great to mix up the spelling of a sight word and have students figure out the magic word.
Be sure to visit Sandy's Website to order your very own Show and Tell Apron.  There are some great videos there as well on other ways to use your apron.   

Now, to jump start your collection of cards, you can get your own set of Brown Bear Brown, Bear Story Retelling cards for Free from my TpT store 

Be sure to read how my other blogging buddies are using their Show and Tell Aprons in their classrooms too.  You will see why we all LOVE Sandy and her FABULOUS aprons.  Once you have one you will too.  

Want to see how my other blog friends are using their aprons, head over to Mrs. Wills Kindergarten and see for yourself.

P. S. If you already own one, please share how you use it.  

Have a great week.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

100th Day of School, Hooray!!!

It's that time of year when schools are preparing to celebrate the 100th day of school- sorry f you've already had yours.  Our 100th day is January 31st.  It seems to come earlier every year.  I guess that is becasue we seem to start school earlier each year.
Celebrate the hundredth day of school with fun and engaging activities that are sure to keep your students busy all day long while learning and having fun.

This year our 100th day falls on a Tuesday which is our half day.  This means
we will be cutting our festivities short.  I'm not sure how we will be cramming a full day of fun into a half day of school.  I think we will have to skip our computer time that day just to fit something else in.  

On Monday at the end of the day I'll have my kids make their 100th day hats so they can wear them first thing in the morning.
100th day of school hats from Hooray for the 100th Day of School pack by Time4Kindergarten
After our school wide morning assembly we will get the party started! The students will rotate through centers creating and completing the following...  
100th day Necklace
100th day of school necklace  from Time4kindergarten
Writing Numbers to 100
Write numbers to 100 by Time4Kindergarten
When I'm 100
This is always a favorite of mine, their answers are hysterical.  I use the aging app and take their picture a few days before and have them printed so they can have their picture when they do their writing. Some say they will be bald, or have canes or wrinkles. 
100th day writing activity with Aging Booth App
Making a 100 Day Snack
100th day of school snack by Time4kindergarten Download the free snack sign up sheet
Want labels to go on your students bags so they don't mix up their bags, becasue you know they will.  Plus labels are just fun and festive. I use the Avery 8153 labels to print on.  All you do is highlight where it says name.
100th Day Snack label from Time4kindergarten
Snack Sign-Up List 

All of the above activities can be found in my Hooray for the 100th day of school pack in my TpT store
Click to see pages from the pack

At the end of the day we will have a school-wide classroom caravan to view all the 100 days classroom projects.  Here are some projects from last year.
100th day projects
100th Day of School Books
100th day of school books
I will also be placing out a book browsing box this week for the kids to look at.  I have a large collection of 100th day books that I have collected over the years. Many can be purchased through my affiliate link from Amazon. Should you should to click through, any money I make through affiliate links goes directly back into my classroom to purchase teaching supplies.


I hope you have a FABULOUS!!!! 100th day of school.  I know we will my class is getting so excited about it. Every day during our calendar math time they keep telling me how many more days we have until our big celebration.  I
m just glad it isn't on a Monday again.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

All About Penguins

January brings cold weather and time to learn about penguins, polar bears and other arctic animals.  as we return on Monday we will kick off the new year with learning about all about penguins.  Growing up, penguins were one of my favorite animals, I'm not sure why, but I have a small collection of penguin stuffed animals and figurines.
Penguin Books for kindergarten and first grade fiction and non-fiction close reads and mentor texts

We will be reading lots of books about penguins.  Some will be fiction and the rest nonfiction.  We will will then be comparing what we have learned about penguins from the non fiction books to the fiction books to see how the author has added to the characters abilities in the stories.  Here are a few of my favorites which can be purchased through my Amazon affiliate linkx.  The money I earn through my affiliate links I use to purchase items such as books, cardstock and lamination for my classroom.

We are delving into writing this month and my students are going to be writing what they know about penguins.  I'll start out with a big anchor chart. As we read books we will be adding what we learn about penguins to the chart.
All About Penguins Anchor Chart: FREE Download
I also like to show my students clips from informational videos I have found on YouTube.  
The Best Penguin Videos on YouTube for kindergarten, first and second grade students
All Things Animal TV Ed and Eppa 
This one is a favorite of mine.
Emperor Penguin Chicks

All about Penguins for Kids: Penguins of the World
Mr. Harry's I'm a Penguin

My kids love to get up and do the penguin song.  It is great for a quick movement activity and get th wiggles out.
Mr. Rogers has a great one,  Talk about a blast from the past. This one is actually on PBS

Now for a little Freebie for you Here is the chart we are using this week.

All About Penguins Anchor Chart: FREE Download
Well, I have only 1 day left before I return to work, so I am going to squeeze every bit of relaxation I possibly can out of it.  By that I mean Netflix, my heating blanket and the couch.  It is pouring rain here and we are expecting even more torrential rain that could possibly turn to flooding.

Wherever you are stay warm, stay dry and stay safe.

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