Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kindergarten ABC Countdown

Today is our first day of our ABC Countdown to Summer.  Being that it is Art Day, we will be creating some butterfly art.  We will be water coloring the life cycle of the butterfly and making butterfly handprints.  This is handprint butterflies we made last year.  I'll post pictures of this years, when they are done.
butterfly handprints, kindergarten handprints
You can download my word doc. A-Z Countdown for Free.  Just click the photo below.  You can then edit it to meet your specific needs.
A-Z Countdown to summer vacation.  Free editable calendar
B-is Bubble Day.  It is supposed to rain that day so hopefully we will have an opportunity to go outside and play with bubbles.  I don't think our custodian would be very happy if we did bubbles in the classroom. 
Giant Bubbles, bubble recipe
Here is the recipe I shared last year for Bubble Day.  This recipe is courtesy of my crazy co-worker (pictured above).  the kids love when he brings out the big bubbles.

Giant Bubble Mixture
Big bubble mixing instructions  measure out about 1 Liter of hot water. Add the contents of the package( 1 g baking soda, 2 grams of HEC for instance hydroxyethylcellulose, and 1/2 g citric acid) slowly with constant stirring. Continue to stir until the solution is fairly clear, about five minutes, stirring may be intermittent Take your storage container with a volume greater than 1 L and add 1/3 cup of Dawn ultra dishwashing liquid, then pour in your well mixed HEC solution.  Mix gently without making any foam. The mix can be used after about two hours, but it is best after sitting overnight. (HEC is available from The "Wand" is made with yarn or thick cotton string and two sticks. Make a loop of yarn about one and a half to 1 meter in diameter and ties small loops about one third of the circumference apart. Attach the loops to the ends of your two sticks; I used 4 foot bamboo garden sticks purchased at Lowe's.

Dip the string into the bowl that contains your bubble solution. Gently saturate the string, do not stir. Hold  the ends of the sticks together at the tips as you lift the string from the solution, allow to drain for a bit, then lift the string high in the air, and slowly pull the Ends part to draw out the soap film.  If there's no breeze you can walk backwards to create the bubble, carefully fill the bubble and bring the tips together to release Experiment by opening and closing the tips , and  changing speeds.   Have fun!

What fun activities do you do to end the school year?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kindergarten Memories DVD

We have less than 30 days to go, YIKES! It is time for me to start making my end of the year Kindergarten Memory DVD.  I've been taking photos all year long and saving them to my Kindergarten Picture File. Now it is time for me to start sorting through the photos and selecting the ones I want to be on our class DVD.
Kindergarten DVD, class memory DVD

If you followed me last year, you may remember how the whole class DVD thing got started.  It has a lot to do with my iPhone.  You can read all about it here, it is my take on the Laura Numeroff books

I use iMovie and iDVD to create my DVD.  Once it is complete with pictures, timing and a variety of music selections, I burn 20 copies, one for each of my students. I also create an individual cover for the CD case and a label to go inside.  You can download an editable copy of my covers for FREE from My TPT store.

I've been putting together a song list.  So far this is what I have.  If you have some suggestions, please leave me a comment.
class video music
I like to show the video during Open House.  Our Open House is early this year, so I will have to add more pictures as the month goes on, before I finish the final product.

Tiffani Muguurssa,

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Caterpillars and Butterflies- Oh My!

We are anxiously awaiting our shipment of butterflies from Insect Lore.  Our PTA generously purchased a kit for every class in our school.  Our entire school will be able to experience the wonderful world of metamorphosis.  For the next two weeks we will be learning all about caterpillars and butterflies and we will continue to learn about plants too.

To start, we will be reading a variety of books. Which can all be found at Scholastic
butterfly books for kindergarten, butterflies, caterpillars
butterfly books for kindergarten

We'll be watching Peter Harry's Video Butterfly, Butterfly and a few others too.

Of course we will be making a Butterfly Life Cycle Headband.
butterfly life cycle headband
We will wear our headbands when we perform the song Caterpillar Caterpillar.
It is a pocket chart poetry set from
Maggies Kinder Corner.  You can find it in her TpT store
Caterpillar, Caterpillar song
We'll also read my emergent reader Look at the Butterfly from my Look at the Butterfly Pack, complete the sequence activity and use the writing paper to write our own stories about the butterfly life cycle.
Life cycle of the butterfly, emergent reader, sequence activity

butterfly activities for kindergarten, sequencing

This Thursday, we will also begin our ABC Ccountdown to summer vacation.  Here is what we did last year.  We are making some minor changes, but this will give you an idea of what we did, just in case you want to start your own. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stitch Fix #4

For those who are new to following me, Stitch Fix was a Christmas gift from my husband. He knows I have such a hard time finding clothes that I like and that fit, so he thought this would be something that just might work for me.  I love the idea of someone else picking out a few items that might just be a little out of the box for me.  I tend to gravitate towards the same things time an time again.  I mean, how many black shirts do I really need?
Stitch Fix: Discover Your Style, teacher stitch fix

When my Stitch Fix #4 arrived, I couldn't wait to tear into it.  I immediately fell in love with all 3 blouses in the box and the navy skinny jeans.  There was also a necklace, but I new the minute I saw it, that it was to dainty for my liking.

PLEASE NOTE: I bribed my teenage son to snap some photos for me, being that I'm just not good at selfless. Excuse the poor lighting, I thought my black curtains would be a decent backdrop. I guess I was wrong.

I couldn't wait to try on the chevron print dolman sleeve top.  The fabric was soooo soft, but the blouse was just too snug.
Stitch Fix online personal styling service. Someone else does the shopping for you!
Next up was the Pink Zig-Zag Top.  My personal shopper picked it because she had seen something similar on my Pinterest board.  It too was a bit snug, but this time in the just the chest area.
Stitch Fix online personal styling service. Someone else does the shopping for you!
Stitch Fix online personal styling service. Someone else does the shopping for you!
Third up was the Tiered Sleeveless Blouse.  I loved how it looked until I put it on.  I felt like I was trying to squeeze myself into a size small.
Stitch Fix online personal styling service. Someone else does the shopping for you!
The Navy Skinny Jeans, I'm on the fence about.  I'll ask my daughter what she thinks before I decide.  They are super comfy and soft and looked great with all 3 blouses, so I know they will go with a lot of my other clothes.  I'm just worried they may be a little too short- they are supposed to be ankle length.
Stitch Fix online personal styling service. Someone else does the shopping for you!
So at this point I know 4 of the 5 times I will be returning.  I am thinking that the clothes form Stitch Fix just might run smaller than the brands that I normally buy- at least for the tops anyway.  So far all the jeans they have sent me have fit.  I think i will go in and update my profile and double check to make sure I marked the correct sizes.  My shoppers defiantly know my style, now we just have to find what fits my body. 

If you haven't tried Stitch Fix, you should- It is fun and exciting and so easy too.
Just click below to start your Fix.
Stitch Fix
Want to see what my other friends are getting?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Plants and Preparing for Earth Day

We are winding down to get ready for a 4 day weekend.  When we return next Tuesday, it will be Earth Day.  Our class will performing at our morning assembly.  We've been practicing this fabulous song from Intelli-tunes, "Every Day is Earth Day"  My kids love the song and they sound adorable when they sing it.  We finally finished our Promise to the Earth writing and pictures.  I really like our final product.
Earth Day Art project for kindergarten.

The direction and templates for these are in my TpT store as this months Freebie. If you download, please follow me on TpT and leave feedback.
kindergarten Earth Day, Free Earth Day activities
This week we have also been learning about plants.
We watched Sid the Seed.
We talked about the different aspects of plants and used these cards to make our Tree Map. I was really impressed my my students' prior knowledge.
Plants in kindergarten, What they have, need and give
We finished out the day with planting some green beens.  We poked the hole with a pencil, dropped in a seed then covered it up.  Each child was able to plant two seeds in our big class containers and then another seed in our sprout houses.   We will be comparing the different growing environments.  I bought those greenhouses about 10 years ago from Lakeshore.  They look so cute in the window of our staff room.  My classroom doesn't have windows, so I have to use the windows in the staff room and my front meeting area to display the kids work. 
kindergarten plants, bean plants
If you want the Plant cards, you can get them in my TpT
Plant vocabulary cards, anchor chart
Tomorrow we will be reading this book. from my From Seed to Bean pack.
When the bell rings at the end of the day, we will depart for the 4 day weekend.
We'll be back on Tuesday for some great Earth Day fun.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Math and Literacy Station Management From Start to Finish

bright ideas blog hop
It's time again for the Bright Ideas Blog hop.  I'm a self proclaimed storage container junkie.  I think my admin said it best when she told me "I think you have a serious problem with containers".  Yes, I do.  I get all happy inside every time I walk into a store and see new storage options.  Even the Dollar Tree storage section can make me giddy. Why do I love containers so much?  The answer is really simple, they are clean, uniformed in size/color, and they contain the chaos.  What's not to love? I am madly in love with the Sterilite Large Clip containers.  I order them online from Target, it is a lot cheeper and they come 6 to a carton.
math and literacy stations With storage containers comes the notion of organization.  However just because you have containers doesn't mean you are organized.  Some people just use them to hide the mess.  I use them to make my life simpler. I use containers for everything in my classroom.  The container I am most in LOVE with our my Literacy and Math Station containers.  I have one set that I use to store the stations that are not in rotation and two other sets for my literacy and math stations that are in use. here is why I LOVE them.
  • They hold everything I need for the station.  
  • The lids are easy for the kids to open and close.
  • They stack and fit perfectly on my shelf.
So, now that I have all those fancy containers how do I use them efficiently? First, I sorted all my stations into the months that I would be using them in.  For the thematic ones that was easy.  For some of the others it was a little trickier.  I had to predict when I thought I might be working on a specific skill.  There were some items that just couldn't be pinned down to a specific month; those items went into expanding file folders with a label attached.
center storage, math stations, literacy stations
center storage
To keep each station together I use rubber bands, binder clips or ziplock bags.  When I am ready to change out stations, I begin first putting away the stations I am finished with; I usually rotate every 3-4 weeks.  Before putting them away, I make sure the station is complete.   I have a Lost and Found basket I use for items we find that didn't get put away.  If a station is incomplete, I keep it out until I can remake the missing pieces.    Next I pick the new stations I want to use.  I gather the materials it may need, like dice, a spinner, or dry erase marker, then put it all together.  Once all stations are complete I'm done; Easy Peasey!

Then it is on to the center rotation board. I regroup the pairs of students who will be working together. Right now I have them paired with the same partners for Literacy and Math Stations.  The cards with the letters and the numbers tell them which container they will be working with.  When it is time for stations; letters for literacy and numbers for math.  When it's time for stations, I call out partner names and they quickly take their tub to the designated area and begin to work.
how to rotate centers
This is my 3rd year using Math and Literacy Tubs and I love it.  It is so easy to do, once you prep them all, you have them year after year. Changing them out every 3-4 weeks saves so much time.  If you use something like this, I'd love to hear about it.  Leave me a comment below. For more bright ideas look below at all the other great bloggers who are sharing their wisdom.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hooray for Earth Day

Earth day will be here before you know it.  I put together a little freebie n my TpT store.  If you download please leave feedback.
Earth Day, Free, kindergarten, recycle
My class will soon be learning about plants.  We will be planting beans and practicing our reading with the emergent reader from my From Seed to Bean packet.
planting beans book, emergent reader, plants, kindergarten
Last year I made Sprout Houses for our bean plants. 
You can read all about them in the blog post I wrote for Scholastic last year and download your own copy to make your own Sprout House.
Sprout house
Here are a few of my favorite books and YouTube Videos.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Farfaria- Have you Tried It?

I had never heard of Farfaria until last month.  They asked me to review their app, use it in my classroom and write a review.  So, after looking at their website, I thought what do I have to lose.  I downloaded their app to my iPad.  Then I got started browsing through their website looking through the books and listening to a few of the stories.

This little gem came in handy this week, because it is RAINING!!!!

I tried out a few of the stories this week with my class.
I really liked Boomarang Boo- it is about bullying.  We had a great class discussion afterwards

Their app has over 600 stories and 5 new stories are added each week.  Want to try it out for Free

Two lucky blog readers will each win a 3-month subscription to Farfaria, just enter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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