Thursday, December 18, 2014

12 Days of Giveaway Day 5

Today is our Polar Express day.  It has been a long week and it isn't over yet.  Wednesday we chased our Gingerbread Man through the school.  We had a little scheduling snafu, but we rolled with it.   The kids loved eating the gingerbread man once we caught him.

So, in honor of my Gingerbread Man day.  Here is gift number 5

gingerbread man, holiday gifts, freebies

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12 Days of Giveaways Day 4

Tonight post is short, after-school my coworker and I made two giant gingerbread cookies.  They will be gifts from the elf, but will magically escape while we are at recess.  
Tonight we also finished all our Believe bells for the Polar Express.  We found that we had a bunch of bells that did not ring.  This could have been a disaster if a child had received a bell with no sound.
Today I'm offering my Teacher Notes and Conference Planner.  Just click the photo bellow to download.  Remember these are only available for free for the day here on my blog.  After today you can purchase at TpT.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12 Days of Giveaways Day 3

Happy Tuesday to you.  I love Tuesdays- at our school all kids leave at noon on Tuesdays.  Today is our district wide monthly kindergarten meeting.  I will be demonstrating ESGI to all the teachers.  Our district is buying it to help us with assessments.  I am so excited to have this, as my trial expires this Saturday.  Later today my co-worker and I will be baking up some giant gingerbread cookies for our Elves to bring as a gift.  Of course while we are at recess, our gingerbread man will disappear and leave some notes behind.  We will chase him around the school before we finally get to eat him.

Today's Freebie is my Where's the Polar Bear sight word game.  Remember these freebies are only available the day of.  Click the picture below to download.  After today, 12/16/14 they are available in my TpT store.
Be sure to check back tomorrow for another gift from me to you.  Thanks for stopping by.  

Monday, December 15, 2014

12 Days of Giveaways Day 2

I hope you enjoyed yesterdays giveaway.  These next five days will be jammed full of festive activities for me. Hoping the week goes smoothly and quickly without any hiccups. Here is day number 2's giveaway.  I love this game all you need are some clothespins, once you print and laminate. Just click the photo below to grab your gift.

 Just thought I'd share
elf on the shelf, elf in the classroom

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Time for 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Day 1

Yes, that's right, I am giving away 1 product each day or an exclusive Freebie that has yet to be posted to TpT.  Here's the catch the download link will only be available for the day, this just means you have to visit daily to claim your prize.  Also make sure to visit my Facebook page each day as I will give away one of my favorite products that I have created. To download Today's gift, just click the picture below.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Polar Express Postponed and Christmas Math

I had hoped to write all about our Polar Express day, but here in Northern California we experienced quite a storm on Thursday.  I arrived early to school getting soaked by the time I got through the gate.  Soon after, they decided to close the school as the water was coming down hard and some of the roadways were beginning to flood. Back home I went still thinking that we'd still have our Polar Express day on Friday as planned.  I imagined all of us wearing our pajamas and rain boots.  However, our district decided to be cautious and close for Friday as well.  So, no Polar Express pictures yet.  We are scheduling it for next week.

The two extra days gave me time to finish up some centers I had been making and finally post them to TpT.  I can't wait for my kids to use them next week.
december math center.  Christmas math,
I hot glued clothespins to the back of the tags so they can clip them right to the presents.  I'll do the same for the activity with the lightbulbs that go with the trees as soon as I buy more clothespins.  Dollar Store here I come!!!
december math center.  Christmas math, ten frmaes
ten frame, december math center.  Christmas math
december math center.  Christmas math
december math center.  Christmas math
december math center.  Christmas math

Our next week will be busy, we still have parent gifts to make, a school Life Skills assembly, Polar Express Day and our school-wide Holiday sing-a-long.  Thank goodness Winter break is coming.  I'm going to need it after next week.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Preparing for the Polar Express

Who doesn't love this story?  I have always heard about teachers having a special event or even an entire school having a Polar Express day and wanted to join in all the fun.  This year our entire school will be having a Polar Express day.  Thanks to my friend Kourtney over at Mrs. Payton/s Precious Kindergartners I am almost ready for the big day.  I had the basics prepared, pajama day, show the movie to the whole school, bells and hot chocolate, but I knew I wanted more.  I knew I wanted it to be magical and memorable.  When I asked for inspiration, Kourney shared all of her photos with me.  My head was spinning.  So much to do, so little time.  She wrote all about their schools' Polar Express Day, you must look at all the great photos she shared.

For the bells, I had a coworker scour the Dollar Stores each week until we had 305 bells.  Two of our fabulous parent volunteers tied all the ribbons on for us. Next came the bags and labels.  Kourtney was kind enough to share her label file with me, but my computer is being fussy with fonts- so I just created my own, using hers as an inspiration.  Next, I loaded all the bags with the bells. The bags I found at our .99 cent store.  They were 10/$1/00.  This is how I spent my Saturday night.
I'm making a banner to go over the doorway that will read The Polar Express.  I used my Cricut to cut letters out of dark blue poster board.  I also voluntold a colleague to pick up some cardboard tubes from the carpet store.  We will be wrapping with white paper and red streamers.  I wrapped a few empty boxes to decorate the stage with.  We also have a HUGE roll of white butcher paper.  When I say huge I'm not kidding.  It is about 4 feet in diameter. I'm using it to create giant snowflakes and will drape it over boxes to create a snow themed background behind the movie screen.  I'm copying almost every thing Mrs. Payton's school did (with her permission of course).
 Isn't it pretty
Giant paper snowflakes

I can't wait to share all the pictures with you next weekend.  I am however going to share the files I made.  In it are different ticket options and tags for the bells.  You can download it for free from TpT.  I still need to tie the tags on my bells, 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Number Game Freebie

Todays post is short and sweet.  Our elf has been playing nice these last few days.  Except on Friday when he mixed-up the calendar to make Christmas come a little early.  The kids immediately saw the numbers were all out of order and helped me put them back.  Great for number practice- just saying'.  Monday they will get some cute Christmas Pencils- in an attempt to help them become better writers.
elf message, elf on the shelf
elf on shelf, elf in the classroom

Depending on their behavior, the Sparkey the Elf just may bring a few more surprises.  Now I have a little surprise for you.  Just click the picture to download it free from my TpT store.  I can't wait to let me kids play it this week.
numbers, gumdrop land. candy land
Be sure to comeback tomorrow to see what I have been up to all weekend- I'll give you a hint-
we just might be taking a train ride.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

TpT Holiday e-Book

Hi Friends, The TpT FREE Holiday e-book was just released.  In it you will find fabulous Freebies and Wonderful Holiday tips from some of your favorite bloggers, including yours truly.  You can find my Holiday Teaching tip  on page 50.  You can download your book by clicking the picture below.
TpT Holiday Book, Freebies, Kindergarten Holidays

 Our Elf has been just hanging out for the past two days, tomorrow it will be a little mischievous.
elf on shelf, elf in kindergarten
elf on the shelf, elf in kindergarten

Lastly, here is the fun I have been having after school!  My co-worker and I are working to align all the Math CCSS to our math curriculum and plan and pace the lessons that go with it.  Such a huge undertaking.  We finally have finished ordering the standards and objectives for the year.  now we need to pull the lessons and resources to go with it.  We are using a vacant classroom to work in, look at all the post-it notes.  I'd just cry if someone moved them all.
CCSS math, Pacing for math, kindergarten ccss
That's it for now, I must staple, fold and label 19 report cards now.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday Super Sale

It's that time of year, we had Black Friday (or Gray Thursday as we call it at our house).  Now it is the TpT Cyber Monday Sale.  I was so excited to buy some new clipart last night, that I forgot to use the code TPTCYBER to get and extra 10% off my purchase.  I could have bought more clipart with that money- insert big sad face here.
I checked my stats earlier today and Letters From an Elf are flying off my TPT shelf.  
Elf on a Shelf in the classroom
The elf made his appearance today- I was a little frantic this morning as I couldn't find the elf or the book.  I had bought the cuter plush version a few years ago, but it was no where to be found.  I finally located the book and had to give into using to using the original creepy looking elf that came with the boxed set.  I did a hasty wrap job and tossed it in the freezer.  Our freezer was full of boxes as a few of us were having special deliveries from the North Pole made.  I love my box- I was fortunate enough to be one of the lucky 10,000 teachers to receive an Elf kit this year. This is the box it was shipped in.  It's great- except for the part that has my nam and room number written a crossed it.  Maybe next year I'll cover it up with paint.

Elf on a Shelf
When the office brought down our frozen package the kids were convinced it was a penguin. After opening it up, we read the story then started making a list of names.
Elf on a Shelf
Elf on a Shelf
This group had a hard time at first. I told them I would consult google for a list of elf naming suggestions during lunch.  After lunch, they gave it another try and came up with a few good names.  We then started to narrow down the list, crossing off girl sounding names and ones that didn't seem Christmasy.  We then voted; t was a good use of tally mark reinforcement.
Elf on a Shelf names
Elf on a Shelf names
Elf on a Shelf names
Before leaving today, I made sure to place our elf Sparkey up high.
Elf on a Shelf

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