10 Useful Holiday Gifts for Teachers What Teachers Really Want and Need

Gifts for teachers- give the gift every teacher really wants

Not another teacher mug. Buying Christmas gifts for teachers can get tricky. Over the years I have probably been gifted at least 50 teacher mugs. I love a good mug, but I have certain mug standards, the mug must be large with a good-sized handle to hold.  However, I don't need any more mugs and your child's teacher probably doesn't either.

What do Teachers Really Want for Christmas?

If you feel that a gift card is too impersonal, there are plenty of other teacher gifts most teachers would appreciate. (this post contians affiliate links- the small percentage I earn is used to buy supplies for my classrom)

Pens, we write a lot, and basic ink pens can be boring.  these are a few of my favorites. Grab the cute pencil pouches and fill them up if you have a lot of teacher gifts to give.

Post-Its, these are a teacher staple in the classroom, fun colors in all sizes are a treat.

Staplers, we use these daily. A stapler that doesn't jam on us while using is what we want.

Laminator, every teacher needs a personal laminator (or 2) one for school and one for home.

Backpack, we are always carting around a ton of stuff and a good backpack makes this easier.

Water Bottle, Teachers forget to drink water during the day.  Having a big water bottle is a great reminder.

Cardstock, I personally use it a lot and for some teachers colored cardstock is a luxury.

A Pencil Sharpener, a good one is essential for any classroom.  Teachers like to have a reliable one for students to use.

Insulated Coffee Mug, it is no secret that teachers often end up drinking cold coffee.  Having a well-insulated mug can help remedy this problem.

Gift Cards, If you want to do a gift card, Amazon, Target, TeachersPayTeachers, and Starbucks, (if your teacher is a coffee or tea drinker) are always a good idea.

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10 gifts teachers really want

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