5 Teacher Tools You Need

Are you a new teacher or new to kindergarten? Maybe you are just in the market for the best back-to-school teacher tool must-haves.

The best tools for teachers

As a kindergarten teacher, I am always lugging things back and forth to school.  I bring my laptop and iPad daily along with my water bottle and numerous other teaching items.  For this, I need a bag that is big and sturdy. I also want it to be functional and cute.  I am loving my new teacher backpack. This teacher backpack is roomy.  I love that it stands on its own and stays open while searching inside.

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1. Backpack

2. Classroom Doorbell

My next favorite teacher tool must-have is the Sadao TechClassroom Doorbell.  I have a few of these in my room, but you really only need one.  I prefer to get one with two remotes.  I keep one on my lanyard using a hand sanitizer holder from Bath and Body Works.  I keep the other doorbell remote on my teaching station.  This is the remote I leave when I have a substitute teacher.  You can learn more about classroom doorbells, more than just an attention getter here.

3. Personal Laminator

Every teacher needs a personal laminator.  Sometimes you just need to laminate a few pages and don't have time to turn on the school laminator.  I have a personal laminator in my classroom and another one at home.  I really like the Scotch brands, they hold up really well. For the laminating sheets, I LOVE the Apache brand.  Whenever they have a sale on Amazon, I grab a few packs. A personal laminator is a must-have teacher tool.

4. Good Stapler

Every classroom needs a good stapler.  My classroom stapler is probably one of the most used teacher tools I own. This is the one I use for school and home.  They never jam and are easy to push.  These staplers also work great when putting up bulletin boards.

5. Personal Paper Cutter

No one has time to be running to the teacher's workroom every time you need to cut something.  You will be amazed at how much you use a personal paper trimmer in your classroom.  I actually have one at school and another at home.  This teacher tool may be light in weight, but it is a heavy-duty paper cutter.

classroom paper cutter

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The best tools for the classroom teacher

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