Free Home Learning Resources for Teachers and Parents

Teachers, we are all facing something we have never faced before.  Many teachers are scrambling to find lessons to send home or teach remotely to our students. Schools are preparing to shut down for a few weeks or some for even a month.

Home Learning Resources that are FREE.  Use for distance learning due to school closures during COVID-19

How do I Teach Remotely

Teachers are having to learn how to teach remotely.  The first question iI keep reading is What do I use to teach my lessons remotely to my students?  

I am anything but an expert when it comes to this. I have however, read enough of the answers to this questions and I've been on the receiving end of instruction.

Here are your four options. There are others of course, but these seem to be the most popular amongst K-2 educators

Google Classroom- This will probably be my first choice because I am most familiar with google.  You can link over to a great tutorial that CrazyCharizma has put together called Google Classroom in Kindergarten
Zoom Zoom is removing the 40 min time limit on the Basic free account for schools affected by the Coronavirus.
Skype in the classroom

Loom i've used once- rather easy to use

Now that you have the technology application to reach your students great, what next?  You can't expect them to sit-online for 5 hours a day and listen to you.  You are better off doing a few check-ins. Maybe everyone taking a turn and sharing something or responding to a question.  Then sending them off for the day.  This is just my opinion.  I'm sure every district will have their own guidelines as to what this might look like.

Amazing Online Resources for Kids that are FREE 

This is a master list of every website possible that has free resources for teachers

My Favorites

Connecting Digitally: The following is a list of FREE online resources that parents can use at home. Many companies have come forward to help teachers and families during this time.

Heggerty Offering Free lesson plans and daily videos for phonics instruction- This video explains more

What if my Kids don't have Tecnology

Many TpT authors myself included have put together FREE resources.  There is no need to PANIC and buy a 4 week at home learning plan.   When sending home materials, think of things that your students can do again and again, sight word flash cards, math facts flash cards, roll and cover games, journal prompts, 

Learn at Home Emergency Distance Learning Plans for Kindergarten Let's Play a Game:  10 Math and Literacy Take Home Games (FREE) Free Writer's Notebook

FREE Spring Worksheets Image may contain: one or more people, possible text that says 'FREE At Home Learning Packet for Kindergarten LINK IN PROFILE' ***FREE***   3-WEEK Work From Home Printable Packet - Grades 2, 3, & 4 Morning Work -March 2At Home Learning Activities | Emergency Plans 15 days of HOME fine motor activities  CHART for school closing OT preK FREE
I hope you find these resources helpful as you navigate these unchartered waters.  Please reach out if you need more ideas.  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I will be sharing many ideas as I find them.
At home Free resources for distance learning.  School closures due to COVID-19


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