Exploring Pumpkins in Fall

October in Kindergarten is all about Apples, Pumpkins, Fall and Halloween.  It's almost like the 90 days of May.   There is so much going on, the kids don't even know they are learning. They are too busy have fun.
pumpkin exploration in kindergarten

I think my favorite part of fall is all the pumpkin-flavored food.  I'm not gonna lie- I'm a huge fan of the PSL lattes from Starbucks.  Give me anything with pumpkin and I will try it.

One of my favorite activities is to grow a pumpkin in a pumpkin.  All you need to do is cut the top off of a pumpkin and pour in some dirt. Then add some water.  Now. wait and watch the sprouts begin.  Your kids will be amazed.

Some of my favorite books about pumpkins can be found on Amazon 
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Need some resources to get your through the rest of the month.  These are just a few  I have in my TpT shop.
Halloween kindergarten worksheets and centers  fall pumpkin math and literacy centers
Halloween math and literacy centers

If you are exploring pumpkins, be sure to grab this Pumpkin Investigation resource over in my TpT shop.
exploring pumpkins-pumpkin science
If you are looking for some great pumpkin recipes you can visit my Pinterest board
pumpkin favorite foods-recipees

Looking for some educational videos about Pumpkins- Look no more

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pumpkin math in kindergarten, pumpkin exploration math and science


Unknown said...

Hi Tiffani,
I thoroughly enjoy getting your weekly posts. I teach first grade but have gotten so many great ideas from you that can totally be used in my classroom. I have never heard of "grow a pumpkin inside of a pumpkin" and can't wait to do that with my class this week. I know they will love it! I also just found those darling wood slice snowman ornaments. What a great gift for the kids to make. I already put the items in my Amazon account.
Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

Time4K said...

Katherine- I'm so glad you enjoy my weekly posts. Also glad you found those ornaments. I should order mine soon. Thanks for reading and following along.