End of the Year Read Alouds

Some of you are so close you can feel the sand between your toes.  Others are like me, you are in the middle of the 90 days of May.  Either way, we are all thinking about how to end the year.
End of year read aloud books for kindergarten and first grade.  Your students will enjoy listening to these stories.  Enjoy the last few weeks of school as the end of the school year is near.

For me, I'm thinking about all the books I still want to read to my kids.  Right now I'm pulling out all of my end of the year books. So many books and never enough time, yet I still buy more and more.  I might have a little problem...

Here are some of my very favorite books to read the last few weeks of school.  These books are great for sparking discussions about their excitement or fears of moving on and transitioning to the next grade level.  They also make great journal prompts and can spark ideas for writing about summer wishes.
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End of the year books for kindergarten and first graders.  Fun read alouds to end the school year with.  Great for writing activities.

Did I miss any?  Do you have a favorite?  I'm always looking for new books.  Leave me a comment of your favorite end of the year book or how many days you have left.  I have 14 days left and 4 of those are 1/2 days.  Have a great week.

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