How to Prepare for the Next School Year

Yes, you read that right.  With only 5 weeks to go, I am already thinking about next year.  Now is when I start prepping for next year.  I already know I will be teaching Kindergarten again, so I can plan and prep what I know I will be using.
End of the school year prep for next school year.  Save time by planning and prepping now.
This is also a good time to use those parent volunteers.  They can help you prep folders, binders or other materials that you would normally be doing yourself right before school starts.   I have already started to prep my Student Take-Home Homework Folders.  During back-to-School season I always buy my folders for the next school year.  This way I can be prepped in May when school lets out. 
Take home folders for kindergarten, includes sight words, shapes, handwriting, parent communication folder.

I also start prepping my Calendar Notebooks.  I copy all the pages I will need and get them into the plastic sleeves.  Then the last week of school I have students clean out their notebooks and we assess the situation.  Some binders won't be used again as they are too damaged.  Next we clean them with baby wipes and Mr. Clean Erasers.  Then I have a volunteer finish the prep work for me. 

My Calendar Notebooks you can find in my TpT store.  They are already updated for the next school year.  You can read more about them here.
interactive calendar notebooks for kindergarten, first grade and special education.

Something else I do is stock my room with needed supplies to start the school year.  I look to see how many boxes of crayons, glue sticks, whiteboard markers, scissors construction paper and such I need.  My school provides these, so I try to get them now before the back to school hustle.  If your school doesn't provide these items, take a count of what you need them store them in your phone in your notes app.  Then when you are out shopping and you see that great deal.  you know how many you will need to buy.

I also shop Amazon for needed supplies.  It is easier to buy things now then during back-to-school time.  Usually I find prices are lower now and items aren't sold out.  Did you know I have a Teacher store on Amazon.  I've already done the search work for you.  I've found all the great items and at the great prices too. SHOP TIME4KINDERGARTEN
The best teacher supplies on Amazon at the best prices

Do you start prepping now?  I put all of these things I will need the first few weeks in one big container so I know right where it is.  We need to get everything up off our floors so I put that container on my back counter and label it BACK TO SCHOOL.  

If time, I also try to prep items I know I will be using for my first 26 days, for my ABC mini bootcamp.  These items include, 


Basically, if I can prep it now, store it now, buy it now, I do.  You might think, how do I find the time or the energy.  Well, thinking about next year always gets me a little excited about the prospects of being able to redo something or try something new.  I also want to use my resources- like volunteers, so there's that.  I never knows who I will have or not have next year. 
This post has me already thinking about my classroom decor labels LOL.  I already bought new classroom caddys several months ago.  Yes like in January... So I want to print up some new labels, laminate them and get them cut out.  

Speaking of laminating, if your school still has some, now is the time to use it.  Don't wait till back to school rush when everyone else is using it.. 

Happy Prepping!!!!!

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