Kindergarten Mother's Day Tea

Mother's day will be here soon.  Having a mother's day tea is one of my favorite ways to end the school year.  Otten it is the only time the moms can spend time in our classroom.

Our tea isn't really fancy, but We do our best to make it special and I work on teaching the kids a few proper manners to make them feel grown up.  Last year we made paper wrist corsages our of pipe cleaners and coffee filters just like the coffee filter flowers we usually make for our moms.  The moms LOVED them and wore them with pride.

A few days before the tea we color in a placemat and make the flowers.  The flowers are basically coffee filters colors with markers.  Then I spritz them with  water and let them dry.  Later I wrap several together over a wooden skewer and secure with masking tape.  I stick four or five in a Dollar Tree vase on each table.

All of our supplies come from the Dollar Tree; plates, napkins, table cloths, gift bags, tea, cookies, juice.   This year I'll buy muffins as I will be having mine before lunch.

We have 2 set's of twins in Kindergarten that my teammate and I share.  in order for their moms to attend both, we decided that I'd have my tea before lunch and she would have hers after.  Also, I have ticket's to Taylor Swift that night, so I'm leaving at lunch.  So things work out all around.

If you are thinking of having a Mother's Day Te, you can get my easy invitations from TpT here.
I know your students and mom's grandma's aunts or who ever joins them will love it.  And if you have little ones without moms, have the dads come instead.   Also as a last note, I always invite support staff just incase someone doesn't come that way every child has someone special to attend to. 


Erica said...

What a great idea! I think I may steal this idea for next year!

Unknown said...

I love how you get the kids involved in creating the decorations and I know they were so proud!