Teacher I'm Done

Do you cringe, when you hear the words, "Teacher I'm done?"  Sometimes I reply, "My mom didn't name me teacher".  Other times, I will say, that is just great sweetie, now do you remember what to do next?  I've almost all together have stopped that dreaded phrase.

Fast Finisher Bins are for students who finish their classroom work quickly.  Student s can work quietly on skills in the bin while their classmates finish their class assignments.

Now, my class actually knows what to do when they are finished.   They even work a little faster because they WANT to pick their favorite Fast Finisher Bin before someone else does.
Fast Finisher Bins are for students who fin their class work quickly.  Student work quietly at their seats while their classmates finish.
Shape Up, students match real-life objects that resemble shapes, to flat and solid shapes.

Number Formation, students are learning and practicing the correct way to write numbers.  All students need extra practice with this skill.

Here is what buyers are already saying about this product. 

So if you are like me and you are tired of hearing the age-old question "Teacher what do I do now"? then this is the product for you.
Fast Finisher Bins for Kindergarten

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