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Now that Christmas is over it's time to bring out all of my snow books.  When I return.  I will be kicking off the new year with my favorite book, The Snowy Day.  I actually gave each student a copy of the book as their gift this year, thanks to Scholastic for having it for only a $1.
books all about snow

Although I only live about 4 hours from the snow.  Many of my students have never been, so I like to make snow with them.  It is so messy, but so much fun- or rather SNOW much fun.

I've been collecting Snow books for years.  these are just some of the books we will be reading in January.  You can click on any of the pictures to take you directly to Amazon.
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Making Snow
Making snow with my class is always fun.  Often it is the closest opportunity my students get to go to the snow.  We make it a fun dress-up day.  The kids wear hats, glove/mittens to really pretend they are going to the snow.  Lucky for us the weather where we live is usually cold this time of year, so the kids usually come to school with these items already.

A trip to to Costco for the giant bag of baking soda and the Dollar Store for the conditioner  and I'm set.  If they have the one that smells like raindrops- even better.  I cover the tables with butcher paper, but Dollar store table cloths work just as well. for easy clean-up.   I mix everything in dish-pans while the kids are at lunch.

Before we begin, I give a few simple directions 
Rule #1.  No flinging and flapping of hands- ( I do not want this stuff everywhere).
Rule #2. Only our hands touch the snow not our arms or elbows.

Ideally- outside would be best, but our picnic tables are located in front of other classrooms and it would disturb the other classes, so inside it is.
Making snow with kids
Snow Painting
I stated earlier that we will be reading The Snowy Day when we return back to school January 8th.  I gave each student a copy as their Christmas gift.  I have such fond memories of reading this book as a child.  One of my favorite art activities to do with this book is snow painting.
Snow Paint and easy recipe for an art project using the Snowy Day book
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If you aren't planning a snow themed unit when you return to school, but perhaps are thinking about penguins or polar bears then these two blog articles and resources might be of interest to you.
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I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season. May 2018 be the best year ever.

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