Kindergarten ELA

The school year is off and running and I am TIRED!!!!  We just marked day 22 in our Calendar Notebooks.    My 24 little friends are all at different levels of phonemic awareness, but I have just the plan to get them all where they need to be by our first benchmark.

Detailed Lesson Plans
6 weeks of daily teacher directed lesson plans.  These are perfect for whole class, small group,  or RTI remedial groups.  Everything you need to teach these lessons is included in this set.  Just print and go.
Daily Letter Naming Fluency
Practice letter naming fluency quickly each day.  Simply have students all follow along saying each letter name. Helps to increase Dibbles scores too.
First Sound Recognition
Using picture cards helps students associate the words to the letter sounds.  This is also a great vocabulary builder for your ELL students too.
Quick and easy picture cards- again another way to help build vocabulary skills for your ELL students and build rhyming skills at the same time.  I know that some research says that rhyming isn't important in the development in reading skills, but ....  let's agree to disagree.
Sound Blending and Segmenting
A skills that can be so difficult for our little friends.  Why is it no matter what word you give them there will always be one friend who say "cat" for every word.   These cards have dots under the pictures and the letters to help students know that there are three distinct sounds for each word.
Phonemic awareness instruction for kindergarten: Teach letter names, sounds segmenting, blending, rhyming and handwriting
Sneaking in some proper letter formation whenever possible is always good. Let's face it our little friends need a lot of practice.

Does this sound like something you could use?  This was a labor of love.  It came out of need for my push-in help in the mornings.  I had little friends who needed extra help keeping up.  Each week lesson plans for my assistant to use with my small group.  Eventually it snowballed into this.
If this is something you can use-then you are in luck- it is on sale!!!

I hope your school year is off to a great start.  I have 24 little friends. They are adorable and full of energy.  We start parent teacher conference Thursday- no rest for the weary.  Have a great week.


AngiB said...

Question - how do you adapt this for whole group? Specifically the Letter ID and First sound fluency? Write the letters on chart paper?

Tiffani said...

Great question- I shouldn't assume that everyone has access to Elmo/document cameras or Apple TV's That would be my first choice for showing the letter names to everyone. If you don't have those to project the letters, then yes, writing out the letters on either a white board or large tablet would work too.

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