Learning All About Plants in Kindergarten

It's Spring time and that means it is time to start teaching my class all about the wonderful world of plants.  I gathered the supplies I needed over the weekend; plastic cups, a large bag of soil, and green bean seeds.  I'll soak the seeds overnight before we plant them.  This is an old farmer's trick and it seems to really help the seeds take off and sprout much faster.
All about the wonderful world of plants.  2 Freebies to jumpstart your unit of plants for kindergarten


Below are (affiliate links) to many of my favorite books that we will be reading.  I like to have a variety of fiction and nonfiction books available for my students to read and browse through during our plants unit.


We will also be reading the book Tops and Bottoms and sorting the vegetables using the cards from my Plants resource.  Below is a picture of a sorting activity of what plants need.
plant life cycle vocabulary cards and activities

Plants vocabulary cards for anchor charts and sorting
Well if you made it this far, you may want this little FREEBIE. If you have a nice big window you can plant seeds in sprout houses. All you need are cotton balls and small ziplock bags. Print the spout houses on construction paper. Let the kids decorate them. Soak the seeds overnight.   Wet the cotton balls, then squeeze out the excess water. Add a few seeds with two cotton balls to the bag, and zip it closed. Tape the bag to the back of the sprout house. Then tape it to the window. Watch the seed sprout in the bag as the bag creates its own water cycle. You can grab your own copy here.   This is a fun activity if you want to compare how plants grow in dirt versus the bag, or if you just don't want to mess with dirt.
Sprout hose and plants freebie

Once you have planted your seeds and you have watched them grow, have your students write about the process.

Happy planting!!!!

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Love your lessons and activities for Kinders Tiffani!! Too bad I teach 7th/8th graders!! 😝