Why Teachers Need Their Teacher Tribes

Teachers, take a close look at your colleges, do they want the same things for your student as you do?  Do they share the same passions and interest for teaching as you do?  I'm sure they truly do care about their students and teaching or most of them wouldn't be doing what they do.  But, do they (really) have that underlying craving for teacher engagement like you do.? I know you do or you wouldn't be here reading this right now.
Teacher Engagement at the French Lick 2017 Blogger Meetup
There are two types of teachers;  those that teach and those that TEACH (Teachers Engaging All Children Happily).  It means they are excited to engage their students.  For those of us who TEACH, we need more from our professional developments that our district offers.  We don't need another PD day where we analyze DIBELS data or look over yet another adopted curriculum.  We need to be inspired by others who are like minded.  We need to be surrounded by other teachers who feel the same way about teaching as we do.
T.E.A.C.H Teachers Engaging All Children Happily
This is why I am willing to travel 2,500 each way across the country for the weekend each year, just to be with other educators who are just as passionate about teaching as I am.  The weekend puts me in a room filled with other teachers who aren't afraid to "Think Different" be different and teach differently all to engage the students.  

This past weekend.  I connected with educators from all over the United States and Canada, sharing ideas, swapping stories and laughing a lot.  It is important for teachers to find their tribe, if you can't find it within the walls of your school, look elsewhere, perhaps another school, online in a Facebook group or message board.  Wherever it is, know that there are others like you that feel the same passion you do for teaching.  Don't be discouraged by those who you work with, close your door and do your thing.  Do what makes you happy.  Remember, a happy teacher makes a happy class.