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January brings cold weather and time to learn about penguins, polar bears, and other arctic animals.  As we return from winter break, we will be learning about all about penguins.  Growing up, penguins were one of my favorite animals, I'm not sure why, but I have a small collection of penguin stuffed animals and figurines.
Penguin Books for kindergarten and first grade fiction and non-fiction close reads and mentor texts

We will be reading lots of books about penguins.  Some will be fiction and the rest nonfiction.  We will then be comparing what we have learned about penguins from the nonfiction books to the fiction books to see how the author has added to the character's abilities in the stories.  Here are a few of my favorites which can be purchased through my Amazon affiliate links.  The money I earn through my affiliate links I use to purchase items such as books, cardstock, and lamination for my classroom.

We are delving into writing this month and my students are going to be writing what they know about penguins.  I'll start out with a big anchor chart. As we read books we will be adding what we learn about penguins to the chart.
All About Penguins Anchor Chart: FREE Download
I will also be using this
It includes
  • Informational PPT
  • Penguin Craft
  • Penguin Easy Reader
  • Fun Science Experiment.
All About Penguins

I also like to show my students clips from informational videos I have found on YouTube.  
The Best Penguin Videos on YouTube for kindergarten, first and second grade students
All Things Animal TV Ed and Eppa 
This one is a favorite of mine.
Emperor Penguin Chicks

All about Penguins for Kids: Penguins of the World
Mr. Harry's I'm a Penguin

My kids love to get up and do the penguin song.  It is great for a quick movement activity and get th wiggles out.
Mr. Rogers has a great one,  Talk about a blast from the past. This one is actually on PBS

Now for a little Freebie for you Here is the chart we are using this week.

All About Penguins Anchor Chart: FREE Download
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