How to Prepare for the 100th Day of School

How to Prepare for the 100th Day of School, Time4Kindergarten, 100th day of school activities for kindergartenIt's that time of year when you look at your hundreds chart and think  oh no!!! the hundredth of school is almost here and I haven't prepared. What do I do?  Have no fear.  I've got your back.  It is a day that I love.  I think about it long before it arrives.  Each year our entire school celebrates and this year I plan for it to be bigger and better than last year.

I have taken a few ideas from my Pinterest board to create a banner. A I can hardly wait for February 5th.
100th day of school ideas on pinterest, time4kindergarten
We are a primary school, which means we are only K-2nd.  Each classroom celebrates in some form.  Most classrooms will be doing some sort of 100th day project either as a family project like I do or as an in class project.  School wide we also do a canned food drive for our local food bank. I like to turn this into a math lesson.  We group the cans by tens and practice our counting.  We like to make it a friendly competition with the other classrooms too.

This year to prepare, we will be make hats on the Friday before.  We will also be coloring in the numbers for our necklaces.  This will give us plenty of time to have fun, fun, fun on Monday.
100th day of school hat, time4kindergarten
100th day of school hat, time4kindergarten
100th day of school necklace, time4kindergarten
So, what do we do on the 100th day of school? We, make a 100th day snack using a ten frame.  After they place ten items on the frame they put their snack in the bag and move on to the next bowl and fill up their ten frame again and repeat until they have moved all the way through the line.  It works so well.
100th day of school, Time4kindergarten
100th day of school snack, Time4kindergarten
Last year I made labels for their ziplock bags ahead of time;  because you know someone always puts down their bag and then they have no idea where their snack is. You can get a copy of my labels here.  I use the Avery 8163 label to print on.  All you need to do is just highlight the part that says Name and type in your students' name.  You will not be able to change any of the other text on the label. Just change names, print, stick and done.
 100th day snack label, time4kindergarten, 100th day of school
We make also make a necklace. First they color in the numbers, then cut out the circles.  Next, using a ten frame card and some Fruit Loop type cereal they count out ten pieces of cereal, string and add the number 10, then repeat adding the number 20 and so on...
100th Day of school necklace,Time4Kindergarten100th Day of school necklace,Time4Kindergarten100th Day of school necklace,Time4Kindergarten
We will be writing our numbers from 1 to 100
100th Day math, write to 100, Time4Kindergarten
We will round out the day with some writing too. 100th day writing, I wish I had 100, Time4kindergarten
We usually end our day with a school tour of all the classrooms that participated in the 100th day project.  We have so much fun walking through all the rooms looking at all the creative and unique ways to celebrate our special day.

All of these ideas can be found in my Hooray for the 100th Day pack.  
Hooray for the 100th day, Time4Kindergarten, Celebrate the 100th day of school
We only have a few weeks until our big event.  How many days do you have?

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