Jumpstart the New Year With Winter Themed Math and Literacy Centers for Kindergarten

After the new year, something magical happens in January. Your students will start to bloom. All of a sudden students can be a little more independent and apply the skills you have been teaching all year. January is the perfect time to bring out the winter-themed centers. 

Winter Centers for Kindergarten

Below are pictures from my Hello Winter Math and Literacy Resources. These centers focus on the following kindergarten math and ELA skills:
measurement, number bonds, addition facts, syllables, and much more.
winter math centers for kindergarten
winter number bond centers for kindergarten
winter addition math centers for kindergarten
One-word syllables are hard.  Often students want to make the word hat into two syllables as in ha-at and scarf, scar-arf.  It's a good thing the syllable center has two sets of cards. 
winter syllable centers for kindergarten

math and literacy centers for winter, kindergarten
If you only want the math stations or just the literacy stations, I have separated the bundle into two sets.
Hello Winter Literacy Stations-Everything you need to teach your students and meet the common core standards. This packet has 10 literacy stations covering skills such as sight words, CVC, syllables, vowels, word families, and so much more.Hello Winter Math Stations-Everything you need to teach your students and meet the common core standards. This packet has 10 math stations covering skills such as addition, number bonds, tally marks, base ten, and so much more.

Why Choose Winter Centers for Kindergarten

  • Engagement: Winter-themed activities capture children's attention, making learning more engaging and memorable.

  • Multi-Sensory Learning: These centers incorporate hands-on activities, appealing to different learning styles and ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.
  • Seasonal Excitement: Embracing the winter season fosters a positive attitude toward learning, creating a joyful classroom atmosphere.

Incorporating Winter-Themed Kindergarten Math and Literacy Centers not only enhances academic skills but also creates lasting memories for young learners. Make this winter a season of educational joy, where the chill in the air is matched only by the excitement in your classroom!

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Winter themed math and literacy centers for kindergarten

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Maryann said...

Thanks for the great ideas. I continue to follow and appreciate your talents. One ? about the Dibels -are you using Dibels Next? I was wondering after noticing the benchmarks. What will you be doing for those who do not reach benchmarks? I purchased your winter act. and just started using them . Thanks!