Monday Must Have Teacher Tools

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Hello Monday!!! It is a brand new week and I am here to share with you the first of what I hope to be many of my favorite Monday Must Have Teacher Tools.  There are probably dozens of items you use daily in your classroom that you probably don't even give a second thought to.  But what if one of those items were to go missing or break ACK!!!!! How would you survive your day without it?  Hopefully that won't happen and if it does, hopefully you have a spare on hand, a neighbor your can appropriate borrow from, or your have Amazon prime.

This week I'm sharing with you two Teacher Tools I can't live without.  My Scotch Laminator and the Apache laminating pouches.  These pouches are amazing great quality, they don't peel and they are crystal clear.  I use the 5mil, but the 3mil are great too.  I just prefer the thicker lamination for my little ones.  I have used a ton of these since school has started.  We have been out of lamination film since school started.  This has been a life saver.  I have an older personal laminator at school for small emergencies.  It has saved me many times.

Be sure to check back next Monday to find out what other Teacher Tool I just can't live without.

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