Back to School With GoNoodle
We are Back to School with GoNoodle.  We just finished our 13th day of school and my kids are hooked on Go Noodle.  I love that it gives me a few minutes of breathing time to change gears, set up or grab a sip of water.  My kids get to move about, get out some of that pent up energy and they are getting some exercise at the same time.

When I logged onto GoNoodle for the first time this year I was surprised at some of the changes.  I love all the new additions.  This new dashboard across the top of screen is great.  When you select the channels button all your favorites are listed.

 Of course my favorite Kookoo Kangaroo are still there.  I don't know what it is about those crazy guys, but they just make me smile., kookoo kangaroo
These are just a few of my favorites., kookoo kangaroo, kookoo kangaroo
THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE!!!, kookoo kangaroo, pop see ko
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Now that my kids are hooked on GoNoodle, I have a few new ways I plan to use it.  Our school has a huge problem with tardies, especially in kindergarten.  I've decided that I'll be using it before school to encourage my kids to arrive early so they can participate. i'm thinking of some type of merit system for each day they aren't late.  Of course it usually isn't the student's fault, but maybe if they tell their parents how important it is to them to be at school before the bell, maybe their parents will do better at getting them to school on time.

I also use it when i have a few minutes before it is time to go to lunch or recess.  If I find myself with a few extra minutes and I think they need a movement break, then GoNoodle is the answer.

Now if you haven't tried GoNoodle, then you must.  It is super easy to sign up and your kids will love it too.  It is also great for indoor rainy day recess.  They even have a section just for indoor recess.
GoNoodle, indoor recess

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