Back to School With Sit Spots and a Giveaway

Sit SpotsAre you getting ready to go back to school?  Silly question I know.  Sometimes it is hard to turn off our teacher brain.  I will be making this short and sweet. Todays post is all about Sit Spots.

If you haven't heard of these, then this post is just for you.  Sit Spots are fun, educational and decorative spots to mark your carpet for student seating.  No more Duct Tape strips that the kids peel up or leave a sticky reside behind.   Sit Spots adhere to your carpet and stay there.  If you do need to move them, you just use a little pull and they come right up.  When the custodian vacuums your rug, they stay put.

Just look at the fun colors and shapes that are available.
Sit Spots in kindergarten
kindergarten seating

Now that you know how fabulous these are- let's have a giveaway.  I've teamed up with Sit Spits to give 1 lucky fan a $50 gift card to Sit Spots. 

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